Agates, Jaspers, Thunder Eggs and Geodes Kit



Here is an opportunity to understand these amazing pieces of earth history and begin your life-long collection of agates, thunder eggs, geodes and gemstones.  Learn the difference between geodes and thunder eggs and why agates look like they do. I have always been fascinated by these wonderful treasures.  My interest began as a young boy as I collected the famous Montana Moss Agates.  These treasures are so fun to tumble, cut and polish.  The varieties of thunder eggs and geodes seem to be infinite, as well as the varieties of colors.  I have probably 50 different kinds of thunder eggs and I know there are more! 

This makes a great independent or self-directed study. Suggestions are included for how to do just that. Grades 4-12.

Study includes:

  • Two books about geodes and agates – selection varies based on availability
  • A collection of 32 agates, jaspers, thundereggs, and geodes (see representative samples above)
  • How to Successfully Tumble Your Agates, by Northwest Treasures, the secrets on how to get a perfect polish every time
  • Patrick Nurre’s monograph containing explanations, definitions, classification, and more (3-hole drilled)
  • Carrying case

Shipping included.

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