Yellowstone Creation Adventures August 20-24, August 27-31, 2023
Yellowstone School and Lab August 25-27, 2023

Join us next summer as we lead families through the United States’ first national park, with our Yellowstone Creation Adventures!  And NEW this summer: our Yellowstone School and Lab


The Yellowstone Creation Adventures will hit the highlights of our greatest national park, including mud pots, hot springs, geysers, fumaroles and waterfalls, and all from a Biblical perspective. You will also learn some of the fascinating history of Yellowstone National Park. The tour will include a drive over the magnificent Beartooth Highway that runs between the park and Red Lodge, Montana.  Kids will get their own copy of our Yellowstone Creation Adventure Activity Book (age appropriate, see herehere, and here) and each vehicle will receive a copy of The Geology of Yellowstone by Patrick.  If the kids finish their workbook by the time we are done with the trip, they receive special certificates. (Itinerary is subject to change, due to fire, snow, flooding, and other unforeseen limitations in and around the park.)

The Yellowstone School and Lab is a shorter tour for families, with the focus being to engage your students who are in high school with the science of Yellowstone. Although we will see some of the wonderful features listed below, the focus will be on an intensive study of volcanoes, rocks and minerals, and the Ice Age. Your faith will be strengthened as you see the pieces come together that support the Biblical account of the Flood found in Genesis. There will be assignments due each day. After the school concludes, you may want to remain in the park for a few days to take in more of the features at a leisurely pace.

This is our second decade of helping families gain a new perspective on Yellowstone. Your guide is Patrick Nurre, who brings the experience of countless visits into the park. All trips will be conducted from a Biblical perspective (Young Earth, Global Flood perspective.)


Each day, we will meet at a prearranged spot, then begin our tour through the park. Each car will be provided a 2-way radio. We will make frequent stops to observe different features, and do short hikes. All hikes are wheel chair accessible. For those on the Yellowstone Creation Adventures, there is typically time in the mid-afternoon, when you can explore something on your own, or just get some ice cream. Some evenings, we will have optional tours where we take in other features that are harder to see during the day because of crowds.

Housing and Food

Housing and food are on your own, but we can help you to figure that out, whether you want to camp or want a hotel. You should be prepared to have lunches picnic style.


These tours are an outstanding value, besides having the benefit of building up your faith. And many who have gone with us have made new friends as they share this unrivaled opportunity. Please note that these trips are priced per vehicle.** Pack that van with your relatives, and join us! Space is limited!


Yellowstone Creation Adventure Tour 1: August 20-24, 4 days and 5 nights. This tour starts in West Yellowstone, Montana, and ends in Red Lodge, Montana.

Yellowstone School and Lab: August 25-27, 3 days and 2 nights. The school begins in Red Lodge, Montana, and will end in West Yellowstone, Montana.

Yellowstone Creation Adventure Tour 2: August 27-31, 4 days and 5 nights. This tour starts in West Yellowstone, Montana, and ends in Red Lodge, Montana. 


The Yellowstone Creation Adventure Tours are $850 per vehicle/family.**   Early bird discount: Register by December 31, 2022 and receive $100 off your final payment!

The Yellowstone School and Lab is $499 per vehicle/family.**    Early bird discount: Register by December 31, 2022 and receive $50 off your final payment!


Space is limited. Click below to reserve your spot on our Yellowstone Creation Adventures or the Yellowstone School and Lab with a deposit of $100. Please indicate at checkout which you are signing up for. Once you have made your deposit, we will contact you about options for the remaining payment(s) for your tour.


This tour is for all ages! We have taken children in strollers, and grandparents!

We don’t limit the number of people, but we do limit the number of vehicles, as we caravan through the park.

We certainly will be walking, but we will not be doing any strenuous hiking. Walking is done primarily on boardwalks, but also on dirt paths.

We have had people of all abilities go with us on this tour, including people in wheelchairs. 

If you are taking part in the Yellowstone Creation Adventures, the answer is yes! We usually end the tour in early-midafternoon each day, so that you can do what you like with the rest of the day. On some occasions, we will continue our tour in the evening with those who would like to see something different at a cooler time of day, and when there are less people in the park. The Yellowstone School and Lab is more intensive, utilizing the whole day. You may want to stay a few extra days after the class ends to take advantage of seeing some of the other features of the park in a more leisurely manner.

Yes. There are restaurants, soda fountains, and cafeterias in the park, as well as grocery stores. And gas is available at several locations in the park. 

The weather in the park can vary quite a bit simply because of the different areas, from plains to mountains. But generally speaking, it is sunny during this time of the year, with occasional afternoon rain. Temperatures can range from the high 30s to the 80s. And this can all happen in one day! So, it is best to dress in layers. 

Food that is left unattended is one of the main reasons that you might see a bear. The park rangers have done a very good job, however, of educating the public about not feeding the bears, as was the custom many years ago. In addition, strict guidelines are enforced concerning food in campgrounds and around the park, in order to discourage bears from interacting with humans. Because of this, it will be quite unusual for you to see a bear. Of course, if you do, please follow the guidelines from the park about how to stay safe when encountering bears, as well as any wildlife in the park.

We usually send out a final payment notice around June 1. At that time, we will give you the link to pay online (with a code if you got an early bird discount), as well as other payment options. Of course, you have the option to pay in full at any time. Please contact us so that we can give you the appropriate link for that.

Yes. Each vehicle will need to pay an entry fee that will be good for the entire tour. And if you have a 4th grader in your car, you may be eligible for a free pass. 

This means that we draw on the explanation in Genesis of a global flood to help us to understand how Yellowstone was formed, including all the features that we see: from the thermal features to water falls, land formations, petrified trees, lakes and rivers.  And not just these, but it also helps us to understand how the Ice Age started, and the effects of it. 

For questions or more information, please contact us. 

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In the event of trip cancellation by Northwest Treasures, all payments for the trip will be either refunded, or applied to next year’s trip.  Processing fee of 3.5% applies to all online credit card payments and refunds. Cancellations by participants are non-refundable after May 1, 2022. Payment for tours is non-transferable to any other Northwest Treasures product, service, or tour, except for future Yellowstone Creation Adventures.

**Related family travelling together in the same vehicle are counted as one unit. Related family travelling in more than one vehicle must register per vehicle. Unrelated families travelling in the same vehicle must register separately. Please call us if you have questions about your particular situation. Tour fee does not include: Housing (we can give you some very good suggestions, whether you are camping or staying in cabins or hotels), food, park entrance fees, or transportation. 

Track your geology adventures!

Are you looking for a fun way to track your geology experiences, as well as some inspiration for the journey? Then be sure to check out Our Homeschool Geology Guide and Journal! This would make a great companion to the Yellowstone Creation Adventures or Yellowstone School and Lab. 

Click on the video to watch a short clip about the Yellowstone Creation Adventures.

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