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Speaker Topics for 2023

Four Powerful Words to Defend and Build Your Faith

Most Christians desire to be able to present their faith to others. But they are often held back from this because they aren’t confident in their ability to answer questions that cross the lines of science and faith. There are Four Powerful Words that if understood correctly will help you to navigate the debate that rages around Genesis, our origins, and the Flood. And these words can be applied to every single scientific question or debate. They will help you to acquire enough understanding to confidently answer many of the intimidating questions used by modern scientists that confuse those who trust the Scriptures.(Appropriate for a featured speaker presentation.Can be tailored for middle/high school students.)

Has Radiometric Dating Poisoned Your Faith? 

Is radiometric dating as scientific as secular geologists say it is? The church is fast buckling under the supposed weight of radiometric dating evidence for an old earth.  What is the truth of the matter?  (Appropriate for a keynote or featured speaker presentation.)

Let Your Kids Pick Up the Rocks 

Let’s face it, homeschooling can be messy! And to top it off, sometimes our kids are interested in things that don’t interest us, and are downright dirty.  Patrick’s practical message is an encouragement for those facing this dilemma (all of us!) and gives hope going forward. (Appropriate for a keynote or featured speaker presentation.)

Rock Identification Made Easy 

What do you do with those rocks your kids are bringing home? You identify them!  This seminar will give you a short primer in basic rock identification, with encouragement to not be afraid of a dirty subject. (Can be tailored for middle/high school students.)

Dinosaurs, the Ark and the Bible 

There is compelling evidence that shows dinosaurs were on the Ark and the subsequent eyewitness accounts. (Can be tailored for middle/high school students.)

The Dinosaur Hunters 

This is a fascinating look at how human nature has driven the search and discovery of dinosaur fossils. We will look at some of the intriguing people who have been driven to find these creatures, and the strange directions they took because of their worldviews. (Can be tailored for middle/high school students.)

Darwin’s Impossible Dream 

This seminar examines the fossil evidence precisely where transitional forms would be needed most – at the boundaries between kinds. (Can be tailored for middle/high school students.)

Interpreting Our Nation’s National Parks 

This seminar focuses on three of our most famous national parks from a young-earth perspective – Yellowstone, Yosemite and Petrified Forest – and helps you see a new way of understanding their amazing features.

Yellowstone Through the Lens of Scripture 

A summer vacation at one of our National Parks becomes so much more exciting when viewed through the lens of Scripture. A virtual laboratory for the effects of the Flood and the Ice Age, Yellowstone National Park is a great place to start.  This seminar focuses on how you can apply the Scriptures to what you see as you venture through our oldest national park.

The Geology of (Your State or Province) from a Biblical Perspective

Discover, perhaps for the first time, the geology of your own state, using the book of Genesis as a framework. (To date this seminar has been done in Washington state, Alberta (Canada), California, Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, North Dakota, Utah, Oregon, Hawaii, Idaho, Missouri, Colorado, Tennessee, and North Carolina.)

Teaching Geology to Build and Defend Your Faith

The common approach to teaching Geology is to hit it once, probably in 8th grade. But Geology is the beginning point of understanding biology, astronomy, paleontology, anthropology, archaeology, and so much more.  If we hope to win the battle for our children’s minds in the area of worldview, it is vitally important that we teach geology with the importance that it deserves. This seminar will equip you on how to teach geology effectively.

Egyptian Chronology and the Bible 

Many will dismiss what the Bible says simply because they believe the Bible can’t be trusted in the arena of historical accuracy.  Egyptian Chronology is the lynch pin for this.  This seminar includes the latest in archaeology as it relates to Egyptian Chronology, and is a great help to those teaching early history.

How to Interpret the Rock Layers

Have you ever wondered how geologists get their story of the rock formations and the fossils contained in them? Just how did the prevailing view of Earth history come to so dominate our modern culture? In our time together, we will take a look at how geologists have come up with a complete and at times baffling alternative to the Biblical account of Earth history. We will look at a few field examples to try and understand the modern geological interpretation of the physical evidence that all people look at.

Genesis and the Ice Age 

Probably the least understood of subjects in earth history is the Ice Age and how it fits into a biblical worldview. We’ll examine the evidence for an Ice age caused by the Genesis Flood, how it could fit into the period between Noah and Abraham, and reinforce confidence in what the Bible says historically.

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