What People Are Saying!

Whether it is our kits or our tours, families love our life-changing geology resources. Here’s just some of what they are saying:

Kits and Curriculum

I purchased the Geology for Little Eyes kit for my oldest daughter who is enthralled with anything to do with rocks and dinosaurs. We absolutely loved this curriculum! ~Angela Lopez

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My grandson, Justin, wants to be a Christian geologist so he was very encouraged by the resources from Northwest Treasures…. ~Ann C.

The kit arrived! Oh my goodness my son is beyond excited. He can’t believe all the pieces!! He’s been telling me all about them for 2 hours straight now! ~Marti

I just wanted to tell you that we just finished the Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes Geology book. My kids loved it ~Allison Clough

Just received our kit today!!!   Can’t wait for the kids to see… Not sure who is more excited !   ~OW

Just want to inform you that your Geology of Yellowstone Kit arrived this afternoon. WOW! what a sample collection it is. ~George J Bratsakis

I received my kit and my son is THRILLED! Thank you. ~Kathy

Thank you for pouring your life into the work you do!  God bless you. ~ Sara R.

I received my order today…As we opened the set, there were lots of ooohs and ahhhs!  ~Jenfer B

The rocks arrived today!  It was such fun for us going over them all with new understanding! ~A.

Thank you so much, Patrick! I know we are going to love the Fluorescent Kit.  ~Betsey

We received our kit today and I had to let you know that my 10 year old was so excited he has already shown me over half of the rocks and minerals! ~Tracy Richardson

Your book, 4 Powerful Words, arrived today.  I am reading it and loving it!  This is the very book I have been waiting for all my life. ~A.C.

We love all of the materials we’ve received from you so far.  Bible-based geology is hard to find, especially for elementary age kids.  Thanks a bunch! ~Christie Ann

Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for our fossils – they got here today and my kids are so excited. They are currently in our basement setting up their own “dinosaur museum,” ~Jen Lorenzen

I just wanted to say Thank You for the great kit! The kids loved opening it up and finding all of the great fossil treasures! ~Kira Keller

We were SO happy to come across a biblical based curriculum for geology! …it can be incredibly difficult to find educational courses in these areas that support our beliefs.  ~Trish Burry

I wanted to say thank you for opening my mom eyes to the importance of studying science with my young children. ~Laurie Johansen

Christian is opening the samples.  He is oohing and aah-ing and exclaiming over every discovery. You were right!  We LOVE this set. ~Sondra & Christian Schneider

(We purchased) one of your kits (Gems and Crystals). It arrived safely, and my daughter was so excited to dig into it as soon as it arrived.  ~Nancy King

I just wish that (Patrick) could travel with me in my hip pocket. . . so I did the next best thing and bought his Missouri Geology kit.  LOL ~Becky Schnapp

I liked that the books give me the tools I need to discuss what I believe about creation intelligently…. ~Ben Crabtree

....If you wish to teach a Biblical worldview of earth science…we highly recommend Northwest Treasures Curriculum Project. ~Marci Crabtree, BenandMe

It has been interesting for me as a homeschool mom to learn along with my kids about how geology reflects the Biblical narrative of creation and the flood. ~Tauna Meyer, Theproverbialhomemaker

Yellowstone Tours and other field trips

Thank you both for a delightful and educational experience!~Brad & Ingrid

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Our whole family enjoyed the Yellowstone Creation Adventure tour.  It was he best decision we could have made for seeing Yellowstone in a meaningful way….~Andy and Melissa Vincent

The Yellowstone/Dino Dig adventures were a most memorable trip…The ultimate home school field trip or family outing! ~Carolyn Young

We loved having the opportunity for a guided tour that allowed us to see the park’s geology from a creationist point of view….~Kevin Edgerton

Such a broadening of our understanding of how the present geologic features we observed, fit so reasonably and logically into the time frame and and brief account of the Biblical Noah’s flood and the aftermath of that. ~Elton and Viola Miller

I really enjoyed learning first hand how much physical evidence we have in support of a world wide flood and a Biblical timeline. Thank you, Patrick!! ~Rachel Letvin

What a phenomenal adventure for our teens at such a reasonable price!  We highly recommend it.  Patrick and Vicki, you guys “ROCK” (pun intended)! ~Carol Gary

Our family enjoyed learning how to apply the Bible to our modern day struggles, and seeing the reference of the past as recorded in the bible, come to life before our eyes! ~Martijn and Kristin Thijssen

This has been an exciting and fulfilling experience for us as you have helped establish a much wider basis for perceiving how wondrous are the works of God displayed in so many things around us. ~VM

Your knowledge is astounding! So thankful for all your hard work and leading in this amazing adventure! ~R

Thank you for blessing us with your time, knowledge, and passion this week! We are so thankful for godly people such as you! ~S.R.

What a wonderful trip! You made Yellowstone such an amazing experience with the truth of the Biblical perspective. ~JP

Thank you so much for this awesome trip! You are perfectly fulfilling God’s purpose for you! ~H

This was an amazing trip! If you get a chance it is worth the time and money! ~Kate Cushman

We had such an amazing experience. Rocks and mountains tell the Biblical story too. ~Esther Elmasri

Thank you both for such a meaningful trip to Yellowstone, Glendive and the Creation Museum.  Your passion for the Truth combined with your vast knowledge of geology has made you a sharp tool of the Lord. ~Kim and Bryan Hanysak

We talked on the way to Billings and several times since about what an amazing trip we had with you both…. ~Anon.


You have helped my daughter so much! I want her to be in all of your classes! It is the highlight of her week! ~Tanya Scott

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We have checked out the lesson and really enjoyed it. We plan to watch it again over the next few months, breaking it down and reviewing what you taught. ~Tina Hill

I just wanted to tell you that my children and I really enjoyed the webinar.  Patrick Nurre was very informative, clear, and funny.  ~Beatriz Ceballos

I was greatly impressed with your dinosaur webinar. The information was timely and the subject was interesting, as I have three avid fossil hunters! Leah Matvey

We love the geology classes. Anon.

My daughter loved the geology course. Anon.

Really enjoying Patrick Nurre’s Geology class! 

My son loved the class and learned so much. He would share with me throughout the year. Kim C

This is awesome.  Your thinking is so systematic and linear, very easy to follow.  You are such a good teacher.  Thanks so much. Kim H.

My son is very excited about the Dinosaurs and the Bible class.  I opened it up to take a look at it. He came by and BEGGED to do it today. Love that! I’m a happy mama. J

I wanted to say thank you for boldly teaching the truth behind science. I learned more about how the Bible works with science than I ever have before. Laurie Johansen



(Anonymous unless specified.)

Very helpful, organized and easy to follow. Another great workshop, thank you! Love it! Thank you for encouraging my faith, parenting and homeschooling. My favorite part of the conference!

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Great presentation. Loved it!

Very funny and engaging talk! I would absolutely like to hear more from this presenter.

I have enjoyed your presentations at our conference this year.

Patrick is AWESOME! I appreciate your passion for instilling a Biblical worldview and therefore producing vibrant faith.

My favorite speaker in this convention.

Very knowledgeable!

Thank you for teaching the children about the truth of dinosaurs and the Bible.

The depth of the speaker’s knowledge on the topic was evident (radiometric dating).

I would like to hear Patrick again! Feeds my faith and my love for geology, thanks!

Thank you for standing for truth and helping us equip our children!  So fascinating to hear you tie Scripture to geology.

EXTREMELY INTERESTING! (Egyptian Chronology and the Bible)

Thank you again for pouring into this unique and much needed ministry! ~Georgiana Ungur

I’m walking along the shoreline looking at millions of fossils as I listen to one of your lectures on YouTube. This is probably the ninth or 10th time I’ve listened to your talk and I love it more each time.  ~Scott Huffman

It was such a blessing to be opened to this world of geology!  I’m looking forward to learning much more from you! ~KC

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your godly knowledge to our family.  We really enjoyed the radio broadcast. ~W

We can not tell you how grateful we are for your investment in our kids! They truly are the future! Thank you! ~M

After hearing you speak, I realized how crucial geology is to a creation worldview….  How could I have missed that with all the creation teaching I’ve heard and taught?  You made it abundantly clear without being overbearing. 

You have woven so many aspects of creation, the sciences, Biblical truth, and a Christian worldview into this one teaching – it’s impressive. 

Thank you for coming to our convention!  (Your speaking) was truly profound and I am grateful for the revelation I received from the Lord through you! ~Bonnie White

As a homeschooling mother and homeschool co-op high school biology teacher, getting more information on geology, which is my weak point, is important.  Patrick was concise and knowledgeable about geology.  It was a joy to attend his seminar.  ~Kathryn Mainka

I, for one, LOVED your seminars  and learned many things, certainly from a different point of view than I learned in public schools. I loved that you explained the Bible in terms of real science! This only strengthens my faith and my resolve to teach my children in a Godly way. ~Genet Harris