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There is a reason our field trips are a favorite with so many. In addition to helping the kids learn about the rocks and geological formations, they also learn how to put all that they are learning into a Biblical context. It’s a great opportunity to strengthen the faith of your family through the study of geology! Combine these two things, and you will long remember and appreciate your excursion into the world of geology. Listed below are some of the places that we can take you on field trips that are close to the Puget Sound area of Washington.  But we are not limited by these. Let these be ideas that help you imagine where you might like to go! There are so many places to go for a great geology field trip! We have done them in many different locations, including traveling to other states. So, if you would like us to come to you, give us a call! We will work out the details with you. 

Washington Area Day Trips

Volcanic Rock Collecting and Identification

  • Mt. Rainier
  • Mt. St. Helens
  • Mt. Baker 
  • Mt. Hood
  • Whidbey island

Metamorphic Rock Collecting and Identification

  • Index/Skykomish River
  • Whidbey Island
  • Olympic Peninsula
  • Nooksack River

Cost for Puget Sound Area Field Trips

Call for specific pricing for your group. Cost will be determined by size of your group and location of the field trip. Of course, a great idea is to encourage other families to join you to share the cost!

Longer Field Trips and Field Trips + Seminars

You can schedule a longer field trip for your group to a national park, for instance. But we can also come to your area and tailor a geology trip and seminar to help you understand your state’s geology from a Biblical framework. This time can include so much more than just a field trip. It can also include practical application of the Scriptures to the geology of your area through seminars as well as field work. It will be a faith-builder! To date, we have done this in Washington state, Kansas, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, California, Arizona, Wyoming, and Oregon. 

Other Field Trips Ideas

  • Yellowstone National Park (We do this for private groups, as well as our planned tours. Please call to arrange specifics for your tour. Or join us on our Yellowstone Creation Adventures.)
  • Scablands National Monument (Eastern Washington. Please call to arrange specifics for your tour.)
  • The Volcano Loop of Oregon and California (Please call to arrange specifics for your tour.)
  • We often travel to other areas of the country to do tours and field trips. To date, we have done this in Kansas, California, Montana, Oregon, Indiana, Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, and Israel. Give us a call, and let’s see what we can organize for you!


You can have one of these extended learning times for a fraction of the cost of what you would normally expect.  Contact us for specifics for your group.

Cost would include:

  • Airfare (or other travel arrangements) for Patrick and his wife Vicki 
  • Housing – Your choice; either put us up in a hotel or treat us to one of your families’ homes
  • Feed us – Again, your choice; either furnish us with food vouchers or treat us to home-cooking from your families
  • Travel to and from the seminar location and field trip, or mileage if we furnish the vehicle
  • Honorarium – We do not set a price, but simply leave this up to your group. Groups are not in the same financial position. We recognize this and do not want to put such a financial burden on you that it keeps you from learning how the Bible explains your geology. We don’t make it so expensive that you cannot experience this valuable resource.

How to get started:

  • Pick out 2 or 3 dates that your group can be available. 
  • Call us to see if we are available and,
  • BOOK US! It’s that easy.

Call or email us to discuss details and schedule a field trip at 206-718-1835 or

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