Rock Identification Made Easy, the Kit



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What do you do with those rocks that your kids bring home, that make their way into your washer and dryer?

You identify them!  Kids love rocks!  Help them to understand more about our world and how they were created, from a young-earth perspective!

The kit includes:

  • Rock Identification Made Easy by Patrick Nurre (textbook, which covers the rock-forming minerals, the various rock types, and how to recognize them in several easy steps; color illustrations, 77 pages. See more here.)
  • Rock Identification Field Guide by Patrick Nurre (see more here.)
  • Over 50 rock and mineral samples (see below)
  • 5 – 8.5″ x 11″ Laminated organizational rock charts
  • Glue
  • Magnifier
  • Carrying case.

Our samples are on average 1.5 inches.  To see representative samples, click on the pictures above. All samples are individually bagged, labeled,  and color-coded.

Samples include (samples may vary slightly with availability):

quartz, biotite mica, sodium feldspar, pyroxene, amphibole, calcium feldspar, olivine, magnetite, muscovite mica, potassium feldspar, calcite, jasper, gneiss (2), schist, slate (2), phyllite, quartzite, marble, serpentinite, granite (3), gabbro (3), pegmatite, granodiorite, diorite, conglomerate, clay, gypsum, sandstone (2), shale, siltstone, breccia, limestone, travertine, chalk, bituminous coal, fossil limestone, coquina,  rhyolite (3), andesite, basalt, basalt porphyry, vesicular basalt, tuff (3), dacite, andesite porphyry, basalt pahoehoe lava, pumice (2), scoria, obsidian, cinders, and ash.

Designed for grades 3-12. The younger kids may need help from mom or dad. Please note: We do not put a time frame on this study. If you intend it for high school credit, please consult your state requirements.

Includes shipping.

You can read a short excerpt from Rock Identification Made Easy and Rock Identification Field Guide by clicking on the images below.



You can order just the book, Rock Identification Made Easy, by clicking here.  

You can order just the samples from the kit by clicking here.

You can order just Rock Identification Field Guide here.

Printed in the USA.

All prices are in US dollars.  For international shipping please contact us at .


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