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Dust Bowl Days

Dust Bowl Days We’re going to go a slightly different direction today –  we won’t be touching directly on geology. But these experiences are drawn directly from hard learned lessons that come straight from geology. Both of my parents, as probably some of yours (or maybe your grandparents!) weathered the Great Depression. But there was […]

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Geology in Your Kitchen

Geology in Your Kitchen So you are at home like everybody else in the country. And whether or not you needed to self-quarantine, your kids are now at home with you, too. Closing schools was never anybody’s expectation when we started the school year. But it is where we find ourselves, now. So what are […]

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How Do You Teach Geology

Want to learn some of the lingo of geology? Check out this short, online class. Taking the Mystery Out of Geology How Do You Teach Geology? (Part 1) “I really don’t want to teach geology.” We’ve heard that many times. In fact, at a recent convention, one attendee said that she had been avoiding us […]

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Kids Love Dinosaurs!

Kids love dinosaurs! Kids love dinosaurs! What kid doesn’t already know the classification names of creatures that you have never heard of before? Which only goes to show you that, as always, our kids are way ahead of us. They know all about the latest discoveries, including information on their eating habits, coloration, stature, social […]

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Somebody Always Knows More Than You Do

Somebody always knows more than you For help with apologetics, check these out:  Geology and Apologetics, Bedrock Geology, and Genesis Rock Solid Especially when it comes to talking about creation and evolution, you can count on it: somebody always “knows” more than you. You say, “Well, of course they do. I can’t possibly know all […]

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Tools of the Trade

Tools of the Trade For help in your rockhounding:  Rock Identification Field Guide or Fossil Identification Field Guide. Tools of the Trade So you want to go out and do some rockhounding. How do you do it? What kinds of things should I carry with me? When it comes to the tools of the trade, […]

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Yellowstone National Park and the Flood

Yellowstone National Park and the Flood Sign up for our Yellowstone Creation Adventure! Learn more here. Can’t join us? Order The Geology of Yellowstone Kit or book! Yellowstone National Park and the Flood Our national parks are wonderful places to vacation with your family.  And there really is no place like Yellowstone National Park to […]

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National Park Week

Check at the bottom of the page for a promo code to get 10% off  of 6 of our National Park Kits! Or get a quick taste by downloading a free chapter from Geology and Our National Parks. National Park Week Spring is just around the corner. And with spring comes National Park Week! This […]

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Rock Tumbling Secrets

Rock Tumbling Secrets Want to get a great tumbler with grit for one complete tumbling, plus RockMan Pat’s secrets for tumbling? Click here! Rock Tumbling Secrets There is a beach out on Whidbey Island (that’s in Puget Sound here in Washington state) that we love to take groups to in order to find the best […]

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Line Upon Line Geology

You can see two excellent resources to help you in your geology study at the bottom of the page. Line Upon Line Geology I was struck the other day when reading in my Bible, by a verse from Isaiah 28:10. It was a passage that I have struggled to understand. And from commentaries I have […]

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