Mining and the Geology of the Old West Kit

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In the 1860s, Virginia City, Montana had 30,000 people camped along Alder Gulch looking for gold.  And this is just a small taste of how influential the gold rush was for the West. But it wasn’t just about gold! Learn more about this fascinating time in this history of the western US. This kit is great for middle school through high school.

Please note: This study does not contain lesson plans, as it is a self-directed study. We do give suggestions for how to do a self-directed study. Its best use is as a supplemental study to a regular earth science study. In addition, we do not put a time frame on this study. If you intend it for high school credit, please consult your state requirements.

A fun and informative kit filled with:

  • Study book(s) like California Gold Rush (story of the California gold rush), The Gold Rush, Minerals of the USA (a study/coloring book), and The Life of a Miner. Books vary with availability. Please call for current selection.
  • Patrick Nurre’s monograph with mining information and descriptions (3-hole drilled)
  • Garnets from Idaho  
  • 17 metals and metallic ores
  • Carrying case

Shipping included.

If this kit is for a charter school, Biblical references can be deleted.

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