Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men, Samples Only



These samples are designed to go with the study, Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men (see below).  It includes 30 samples, all labeled and individually bagged. 

Samples include (may vary according to availability):

Dinosaur bone, fossil clam, fossil fish, fossil sea urchin, permineralized wood, spinosaurus bone, megalodon tooth, limestone with fossils, fossil gastropod, fossil mammoth bone, fossil algae, gastrolith, ammonite, belemnite, brachiopod, crinoid stems, worm tube, crinoid head and blastoid, cast/mold, mudstone, fossil fern, shark vertebra, mosasaur bone, fossil insect, fossil wood, opalized wood, fossil sponge, fossil coral, fossil bryozoa, fossil protozoa, and neolithic tools.

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