Equipping the Next Generation through Rocks, Dinosaurs, and the Flood!

Family Geology Camp

Join us for our next  Family Geology Camp, June 10-14, 2024!

June 10-14

Join us and help build your family's faith!

Imagine sitting with your family and friends under the starry sky, with the sound of the Columbia River as your backdrop. It is at times like this that deep questions are asked, and life directions are often set.

Located amidst the peaks and plateaus of the Okanogan country on the banks of the Columbia, Peniel Ranch is the perfect place to bring the whole family for a vacation you won’t soon forget!  And this is the location for our Family Geology Camp, where you can expect to have a wonderful family vacation, built around studying and experiencing the geology of the area from a Biblical perspective.


The theme for this summer’s camp is: Equipping the Next Generation with Rocks, Dinosaurs, and the Flood!

Host and Teacher

Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures, Geology, will be your teacher and host for this fun and enriching time together, as we discover how to defend Genesis through Geological Apologetics! Not only will we help equip you to be effective in interacting with our culture using the book of Genesis, but we will address questions like:

  • Was the Genesis Flood a real historical event?  
  • How did the Genesis Flood impact our culture, our Earth, and our environment?  
  • What does the Genesis Flood have to do with issues of morality?  
  • How does Genesis explain extinction and issues like Global Warming and the disappearance of so many plants and animals?

Patrick is an engaging speaker who directs his teaching so that all can benefit, from the youngest school-age, all the way up to adults. 

We will enjoy activities like:

  • Rock identification in the field
  • Fossil dig project
  • Fluorescent rock demonstration
  • Creating dinosaur “poops”
  • Creating dinosaur models, based on understanding Greek and Latin dino names
  • Fascinating talks on creation, the Flood, and geology
  • Time and restrictions permitting, we may make a side trip to the glacial features around the camp, or a day excursion to Dry Falls, the Scablands/Missoula Flood area, and/or the Columbia Flood basalts.
  • A special rock-painting activity for the pre-schoolers
  • Peniel Ranch activities like kayaking, swimming, paddle boarding, cart races, pony rides, archery, ping pong, and so much more!

The activities that are specific to the Geology Camp are designed for school age children, but parents with younger ones are welcome to be a part of the activities with those children.


Cost for this budget-minded adventure includes:

  • Housing for four nights
  • All activities and supplies
  • All meals, including first night and final morning. Diet restrictions can be accommodated.

Track Your Geology Adventures!

Are you looking for a fun way to track your geology experiences, as well as some inspiration for the journey? Then be sure to check out Our Homeschool Geology Guide and Journal! This would make a great companion to the Columbia River Family Geology Camp.


The folks at Peniel Ranch are committed to creating a safe environment for all to be able to attend and have a wonderful time.

Sleeping arrangements – Families have their own areas, even in the bunk house. You are also welcome to come and camp or bring your RV. The cost for your registration is reduced when you do this!

Meals will be served buffet style.

The camp is observing a very meticulous cleaning regimen to ensure the best environment for all.

For more information about Peniel Ranch, call 206-330-6171 or click the button to be directed to their website.