Geology and Chemistry Kit



This is an introduction to high school basic chemistry, as well as a great supplement to the study of rocks and minerals.

This is a one semester study.

Study includes:

  • In depth look at the periodic table
  • Study of common materials made from the elements
  • How elements relate to the Christian faith

Kit includes:

  • The Elements of Faith textbook: examines the Periodic Table and finds meaningful insights and spiritual applications as students read through them. A look at the elements can teach many lessons, from the awesomeness of God’s creation to the dedication of many God-fearing scientists who have been so influential in the history of science. Richard D. Duncan is a professional engineer with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Cincinnati.
  • Patrick Nurre’s monograph, an introduction to chemistry through geology, with activities on learning the periodic table, and how elements combine to form minerals, oil, coal, caves, petrification, and opals (3-hole drilled)
  • Explanation of Radiometric Dating
  • 25 mineral samples, including beryl, barite, quartz, sulfur, cinnabar, bauxite, sphalerite, cerussite, coal, fluorite, sodalite, halite, potassium feldspar, calcite, banadinite, rhodochrosite, copper, staurolite, celestite, platinum, galena, manganite, apophyllite, axinite, hypersphene
  • 10 crystal samples
  • 12 rock samples

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