What is Northwest Treasures?

After years of field study, collecting and studying the fascinating world of geology, a good friend suggested that perhaps I would like to share some of my treasures with others, and from that humble beginning, Northwest Treasures was begun.  We started out just taking unusual samples to different area homeschool conventions.  When it became apparent that people really loved this, but wanted to know more of the science behind the discoveries, we began expanding into rock kits with books.  Our first book kit was based on John Morris’ Geology Book. Our second kit was the Fluorescent Kit.

And then the flood (pardon the pun) was on!  Some of our kits have been inspired by moms with questions like, “What do I do with all the rocks that Junior is bringing home?”  The happy result of that was Rock Identification Made Easy, which has been probably our most popular kit. Our many trips to Yellowstone National Park yielded the Geology of Yellowstone Kit.  And from there came our several kits on different national parks. Of course, as we are able to travel to different states, we collect specimens, and then put together kits for those states.  Thus, the Rockhounding Series: Washington, Oregon, Wyoming, California, Arizona, the Great Lakes and Prairie States, and so many more!

But the rocks are not the only part of the story. People began to ask where they could go to collect, and we found ourselves not only telling them, but taking them, and the field trips were born. From there, it was only a short jaunt to longer trips, our first being to the Scablands of Washington State. Thank you to Karen for being the guiding force behind that! This was the trip that led to the Yellowstone Creation Adventures, and Dino Dig in Eastern Montana.

And finally, the story comes full circle with not only showing where to collect things, but how and why the things you find are vital to a vibrant faith, and understanding how our world was shaped by the Flood of Genesis.  So the seminars and education began. This is perhaps the most important part of what we do here at Northwest Treasures.  A proper understanding of geology is vital to understanding biology, anthropology, earth science and paleontology.  This in turn will lead to a deeper and richer understanding of the Bible and what God has spoken there. And that will help you learn to defend your faith through geology.

At Northwest Treasures, we stand unabashedly for a young earth and global flood as revealed in Scripture. Most of our classes will reflect that worldview. However, our classes can be tailored, depending on your group, to share simply the science of geology without reference to our philosophy.

Welcome to Northwest Treasures! We hope you enjoy what we have to offer you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of service.

Northwest Treasures is a 501(c)3 organization. To donate or contribute to our work here, click here.