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Kids love fossils.  It is as simple as that!  Fossil Identification Made Easy – the kit is a guide to help kids identify what can be readily found in different localities, some of which are in their own backyards.  The goal of this kit is to help kids enjoy collecting fossils and to learn as much as they can about how they relate to the Genesis Flood as recorded in the Scriptures.  In addition to learning about how to identify fossils, they will also learn that fossils are the remnants of the Genesis Flood.

This kit is designed for grades 3-12.

Topics covered include:

  • Fossil terms
  • Adaptability and kinds
  • Types of fossils
  • Interpretation of the rock layers
  • Identification of invertebrate and vertebrate fossils

The text also includes a special section on radiometric dating.

With over 300 color photographs and illustrations and 34 samples, Fossil identification Made Easy is a great kit for that budding paleontologist in your family!

The kit includes:

  • Fossil Identification Made Easy
  • Fossil Identification Field Guide
  • 12 fossils and non-fossils for project (see list of all samples below)
  • 10 various fossils for project 
  • Conglomerate
  • 5 invertebrate fossils
  • 5 sea vertebrate fossils
  • 5 land vertebrate fossils
  • Chert
  • Diatomaceous earth

This kit includes our signature large samples, all individually bagged and labeled.  Samples include (samples may vary according to availability):

trilobite, cephalopod, brachiopod, clam fossil, crinoid fossil, mosasaur bone, fossil turtle shell, fossil fish, megalodon tooth, ray tooth and tail, fern fossil, petrified wood, insect fossil, conglomerate, chert, diatomaceous earth, dinosaur bone, dinosaur egg shell, mammoth bone, mastodon tooth enamel, animal coprolite, gastropod, worm tube, gastrolith, fossil protozoa, fossil sponge, shark tooth, fossil sea urchin, stromatolite, fossil coral, fossil crinoid head, and 6 fossils  and 6 non-fossils (for project). 

To view a sample lesson of Fossil Identification Made Easy, click on the image below.

To read a short portion from Fossil Identification Field Guide, click in the image below.


To watch a short video about Fossil Identification Made Easy, click here.

(The video does not mention Fossil Identification Field Guide, which is now a part of this kit.)

Book is 120 pages, full color.

Shipping included.

If you would like to order just the book, Fossil Identification Made Easy, click here. 

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Printed in the USA.

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