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Have Rocks Will Travel!

                                                       Schedule a class with us!                                                             Contact us at northwestexpedition@msn.com or 425-488-6848.

Are you wanting a special class for your group? Let us bring that class to you, along with the wonderful specimens that we are known for. Call us to schedule a class tailored to your group’s age and topic.  Then let us get to work creating that for you!

Class Topics:

(This is just a selection of some of the classes we have done. We are not limited to these. Let us know what class you might like. We also bring samples to these classes.)

  • Rock Identification: Here’s your chance to classify all those precious treasures that your kids bring home!
  • Dinosaurs and the Bible: A look at eyewitness accounts of dinosaurs; the size of the ark as mentioned in Genesis; types of dinosaurs; fossils of dinosaurs
  • Genesis and the Flood: Myth or History?
  • Creation and Evolution: Understanding Science, History and Philosophy
  • Egyptian Chronology and the Bible
  • Radiometric Dating – designed to help young minds grasp the process of radiometric dating and just where it contradicts the Scriptures.
  • A Biblical View of Geology – How do you formulate a Biblical framework for interpreting the various geological landforms and formations all around us?


  • $10 per student (10 students, minimum)
  • Mileage to and from the venue 
  • Parents may sit in for free

Call or email us to talk over details at 425-488-6848 or northwestexpedition@msn.com.

Northwest Treasures ~ NorthwestRockAndFossil.com ~ northwestexpedition@msn.com ~ 425-488-6848

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