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Northwest Treasures offers high quality, Biblical education with a variety of educational seminars that come with their own displays! Each seminar will be accompanied by rocks, minerals, fossils and artifacts to help you better understand the geology and Biblical history all around us. And we are now able to offer these classes via the internet, as well as at your on-site location.

Presentations are typically 60-90 minutes.

Have Rocks – Will Travel

Building a Framework for Biblical Geology

Grades 4-12

Not many people are aware that modern geology is nothing more than a hi-jacking of the Biblical framework for understanding Earth history. It comes complete with a chronology beginning 4.6 billion years ago, as well as a genealogy spanning several hundred million years of evolutionary relationships. In this seminar we will expose the secular framework for what it is – a secular misinterpretation of the geological data and then we will reconstruct a Biblical framework that will give an alternative interpretation of the rocks.

Knowing and Identifying the Rock Types

Grades 1-12

Being able to identify the rocks you and your kids enjoy has been a continual frustration for a lot of people. First there is the morass of geological terminology to wade through. Then there is the philosophy behind the secular classification of the rock types. And learning this presents a lot of challenge to my faith in the Bible. In this seminar you will learn an alternative way of recognizing and identifying the rock types that will build your faith and your confidence in the Scriptures. Be prepared for some real fun for your whole family.

The Wonders of Agates, Thunder Eggs and Geodes

Grades 4-12

This seminar will focus on developing your appreciation for the beauty contained in a unique collection of agates, thunder eggs and geodes. How did these beauties originate? How are they related to the Bible and its presentation of Earth history? Educational and faith-building, this will be a seminar designed to help you better understand many of the mysterious wonders contained in Earth’s relics.

Have Bones – Will Travel

Dinosaurs and the Bible

Grades 1-12

How do dinosaurs fit with a Biblical view of Earth history? How were so many dinosaur bones preserved? How did the study of dinosaurs begin? How do they explain Genesis? We will answer these and many more questions and be able to look at authentic fossil bones of these amazing beasts.

The Ice Age and the Bible

Grades 4-12

Was there such a thing as an ICE AGE? Many artifacts indicate that there was a time in Earth history that was cold and desolate. How does this idea fit within a Biblical framework? What are the artifacts that would lend credence to this time? When did it occur? Will we experience another ICE AGE? This seminar will focus on bringing to light the answers to these questions complete with some authentic ice age relics.

Have Skulls – Will Travel

Human Evolution, Do the Fossils Support It?

Grades 4-12

Ever wonder about all those fossil man discoveries that seem to build a story of how man evolved? Here is an opportunity to understand a story that has more complications and fiction than Grimm’s Fairy Tales. We will examine the historical search for man’s origin in the artifacts – skulls! You will get to see skulls that, although are replicas, are just like what the big boys study. That’s right. Hardly a living soul gets to actually see and study the real thing!

Have Fossils – Will Travel

Understanding the Genesis Flood

Grades 4-12

We are fed a steady diet of a story that teaches that Earth was sculpted by naturalistic processes over billions of years. The Bible is continually mocked as a fairy tale and inappropriate for geological study. In this seminar we will look at the geological implications of the Biblical record. We will use fossils to help us better understand just how realistic a global flood as presented in the Bible is and how it better explains the geological landforms and fossils strewn around the whole Earth.

Have Artifacts – Will Travel

Egyptian Chronology and the Bible

Grades 4-12

For many years we have been told that the Biblical story of Israel and its flight from Egypt is just a collection of fables. The Egyptian chronology is presented as an absolute historical account. The modern reconstruction of Egyptian history presents the true account of the Pharaohs and their reigns, leaving the Biblical history without a single reference to actual archaeology. How true is this? Is there not an alternative view? We will examine this issue and restore your faith in the Biblical record. We will also see some great artifacts supporting the Biblical history.

Biblical Chronology and Genealogy, Can I Trust it?

Grades 4-12

Both the secular world and even the church have mocked and criticized the Biblical Chronology for use in dating the age of the Earth. Why is that? How can they say this? Are there really errors in the Bible’s presentation of Earth history? We will take a closer look at this issue in the light of some interesting archaeological artifacts and freshly discover the real reason behind the rejection of the Biblical chronology and genealogies of Genesis.

Other Class Topics

In addition, we can present the following topics as classes for your students. These classes are especially suited for high school students. (This is just a selection of some of the classes we have done. We are not limited to these. Let us know what class you might like. We also bring samples to these classes.)

Genesis and the Flood: Myth or History?

Grades 9-12

Explore the reasons to fully accept the story of the Flood as a truly viable explanation of earth history.

Creation and Evolution: Understanding Science, History and Philosophy

Grades 9-12

When you can understand these different disciplines, it helps you to unravel the creation/evolution controversy.

Radiometric Dating

Grades 9-12

This session is designed to help young minds grasp the process of radiometric dating and just where it contradicts the Scriptures.

A Biblical View of Geology

Grades 9-12

How do you formulate a Biblical framework for interpreting the various geological landforms and formations all around us?


Please contact us for pricing for your group. Classes can be done virtually (no travel expenses) or at your location. Cost is determined by:

Number of students: $10.00 per student, ten students minimum.

Travel expenses to your location (if applicable)


Call or email us to discuss details and reserve your seminar at 206-718-1835 or northwestexpedition@msn.com.