Miscellaneous specimens


If it is just a single specimen that you would like, please contact us so that we can discuss the type and size that you would like.  425-488-6848 or northwestexpedition@msn.com. Price will depend on what you would like to order. We have a wide range of the following:

  • Fossils – marine invertebrate (from trilobites to cephalopods), vertebrate (dinosaur bones and fish) and plants (ferns, leaves and wood both polished and unpolished)
  • Minerals – rough and polished; rock-forming minerals, Mohs minerals
  • Rocks – volcanic, plutonic, sedimentary and metamorphic (a wide variety of each of these)
  • Thunder eggs – from a wide range of locations and types including quartz filled, agate filled, jasper filled and opal filled
  • Geodes – both split and whole
  • Fossil teeth – of all kinds

We can arrange sets for individual curricula needs or to just fill out personal collections.  Call us.  You might be surprised at what we have!  Pricing will depend on the particular item requested, amounts and sizing.

All quotes are in US dollars. For international shipping please contact us at northwestexpedition@msn.com.


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