Rock, Mineral, and Mohs Hardness Kit



This Rock, Mineral, and Mohs Hardness Kit is designed for:

  • Those who need a basic rock and mineral kit
  • If you are using Classical Conversations  – you will study geology every three years.
  • If you are studying Rocks and Minerals using Schoolhouse Teachers online classes.

All instruction is from a Biblical, young-earth position.  This kit includes:

  • 16 rock samples of the basic rock groups
  • 12 minerals (basic rock-forming minerals)
  • Mohs hardness test kit
  • Mohs hardness scale field card
  • Explanation of the mineral makeup of the rocks with explanations of the rock types
  • Short quiz

Shipping included.

Pictures shown above are representative of the size and possible types that you would receive in your kit.  All samples are bagged and labeled.

Be sure to check out these other great resources as well. Many CC’ers have told us that these have proved invaluable in their studies.


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       Geology for Kids, the Kitthe book, or samples only.

      Rock Identification Made Easy,  the Kit, the book, or samples only. 

    Rock Identification Field Guide

Mohs Hardness Test KitMohs Hardness Test Kit

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