Patterned after the popular Bingo game, ROCKO is a fun way to help your kids lean to identify some of the most common basic rock types, including:

Shale, tuff, sandstone, granodiorite, travertine, quartzite, rhyolite, marble, slate, gneiss, diorite, andesite, limestone, granite, gabbro, and basalt.

This product is downloadable, and includes:

  • 8 ROCKO game cards
  • Cover pieces for 8 cards
  • Rock type cut-outs
  • Instructions

We love to play this game using the actual rock samples as cover pieces for the game cards.  If you would like to do that, you can order sets of these rocks. And they are all individually bagged and labeled! Save on multiple sets! Click on the links below to order the samples. 

ROCKO samples, one set

ROCKO samples, two sets

ROCKO samples, three sets

ROCKO samples, four sets

For many years of playing fun, we would also suggest that you either laminate your downloads, or glue them to cardboard.

All prices are in US dollars.


This creation is unique to Northwest Treasures, and is copyrighted. By purchasing this digital product, you agree that you will use it for your own private and personal use only. You cannot sell, rent, or distribute this product. You cannot copy this product for any third party in any form under penalty of copyright laws. If you wish to duplicate this product, please contact Northwest Treasures to purchase a license that permits duplication.



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