Fossils and Dinosaurs for Little Eyes, Samples Only



These samples are for the Fossils and Dinosaurs for Little Eyes study.  

As always, the kit includes our large signature samples!  This kit has over 30 very generously sized rock and fossil samples.  Most are an inch or larger in size.  Each is individually bagged, labeled, and color-coded.  You will be amazed at the quality of these samples.  And your child will love working with them!  You can see representative samples by clicking on the pictures above.

Samples include (samples may vary according to availability):

Twisted or crushed rock, Quartz crystal, granite, gabbro, limestone, mortality plate (limestone with fossils), bag of fossils and non-fossils, dinosaur bone, mammoth tusk, loess, permineralized wood, 2 ichno fossils, fossil cast and mold, carbonized fern in shale, fossil  coral, fossil sponge, fossil sea urchin, fossil crinoid, fossil bryozoan, fossil trilobite, fossil cephalopod, fossil brachiopod, fossil pelecypod, fossil gastropod, fossil ray piece, fossil shark tooth, fossil mastodon enamel, fossil fish, and a  fossil spinosaurus bone.

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