National Park Week

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National Park Week

Spring is just around the corner. And with spring comes National Park Week! This year, it is April 17-25, 2021. And with 62 national parks, there must be one close to you. This is a great time to explore these very specially designated areas of our wonderful country.


Free Admission April 17

One of the first things to notice about National Park Week is that it is not only an officially designated time, but the park service is making it easy for you to observe it! All fees to the national parks are being waived on the first day of National Park Week, April 17, 2021. Now that is an incentive! You really have no excuse not to get out there and explore! Explore the history, culture, geology, biology, and so much more of the parks.

Just think about the wide variety of the places you can go. Many you have heard of – Grand Canyon, Carlsbad Caverns, Yellowstone, The Tetons, Acadia. But likely some of them you have never heard of, like Indiana Dunes, Theodore Roosevelt (North Dakota), Congaree National Park (South Carolina), Joshua Tree (California), White Sands (New Mexico),or even Dry Tortugas (Florida). With so many of them, there must be one close to you!

Plan Before You Go

Especially if you are homeschooling, this is the ideal road trip, no matter which park you go to. This is what makes homeschooling so fun! Many of the national parks are planning special events in their particular park during National Park Week, so there will be no shortage of programs to take part in. But beyond the special programs, you really want to study before you go.

Buyer Beware

With all the wonders to see, it is good to remember that there is a message that underlies much of what is presented in the parks. Sometimes it is subtle, and other times, not so much. Before you go, you should spend some time talking about the elephant in the room. Evolutionary thinking is the accepted explanation for virtually every geological and biological wonder that you encounter. So rather than being rocked back on your heels with every sign board you see, spend some time investigating the park you are going to.

Help for Your Journey

We can help you with this with our Geology and Our National Parks book and kit. The book covers 29 of our national parks, with one geology lesson for each of these parks. And the kit adds in samples that are from these parks, so you get the hands on aspect that so many of you love. Geology is truly the foundation of evolutionary thinking. So if you have a good understanding of a few principles before you go, it will make your trip a true blessing to you and your family. Some of the national parks (and monuments) that are covered in this book include: Mt. St. Helens, Petrified Forest National Park, Mt. Rainier, The Tetons, Glacier, Yellowstone, and Crater Lake, to name only a few of the treasures in our country.


If you are planning on visiting one particular park, we do have a few focused kits on Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Zion/Bryce (Geology and the State of Utah), and Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  These also have the study materials and samples that you love. And they will take you deeper in your exploration of that particular park. And all this is done from a Biblical perspective! No need to constantly apologize to your kids!

So pile the kids in the car. Fill up the cooler. Take good hiking shoes.  The spirit of adventure is calling. Get out there and explore!

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