Build Your Faith Through Geology

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Build Your Faith Through Geology

We know that if you are a homeschooler that you have lots of plates that you are spinning. And teaching geology is not always the first thing on the list of what toBuild your faith through geology! teach. There’s English, math, and history. And in a world that is rapidly changing, we know that it is important to you that your children have a vibrant, Biblical faith when they leave home. But how do you fit it in?

Our solution is that you teach geology. Yes, teach geology. Geology is the foundational science, the one that kicks the Bible off. “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” You know, that passage. The very first one! And not only that, but geology is what is the underlying story behind the Flood of Genesis. So when we encourage teaching geology, we are talking about teaching foundational truths of the Bible, ones that will impact how you look at Scripture, and whether you are able to trust it in all that it says. So you build faith through geology.

Build Your Faith Beginning with Genesis

We start with Genesis, because it is the most attacked book of the Bible. Its timeline of events in history has been ridiculed so that believers feel that they must apologize for the book, or reinterpret it. But if we are to have a strong faith, we must be able to trust Genesis and all it says. Why is that?

The book of Genesis (literally, in the beginning) is the history of man from the very beginning. It is a reliable historical record of the creation of our world and the introduction of sin into that world. And what follows in Genesis leads ultimately to a catastrophic Flood that changes forever what our world looked like “in the beginning.” It is a history that has  a chronology and genealogies.

Both the chronologies and genealogies are very specific as to when certain persons were born, and at what age they had their children. When you use these, it yields an earth that is about 6000 years old, and a Flood that took place about 4500 years ago. See a genealogical timeline and chart here:


Tracing the Messiah

But probably the most important fact about this chronology is that the Bible is very clear that the Messiah, the Chosen One Who would be our savior, is traced through this lineage. Not only is it prophesied that this would be the case, but it is demonstrated in the New Testament in the genealogies of Matthew and Luke. If these genealogies are not to be trusted, then we have no savior. The Bible is not true, and we only have this world to live for, with its hopelessness and sin.Genealogy of the Messiah

Science and the Age of the Earth

You might be thinking that this is just so much wishful thinking, that science has proven the Bible to be unreliable as to dating the age of the earth. That our earth is 4.6 billion years old. And if that is so, then our Bible can’t be trusted when it speaks about the origin of the earth. But that is just not true.  For instance, the secular dating and age of the universe and our earth is based in large part on an acceptance of all the processes involved in radiometric dating: that these processes are reliable and accurate. And that simply is not the case. (But that is a study for another time!)

The age of the universe and the earth is more properly a question of philosophy – what you believe. It is not a matter of science since you cannot conduct tests to verify such an assumption.

If we can trust what the Bible has to say about the Flood, then we suddenly have a very simple explanation for what we see all around us, from the hills and mountains to the vast oceans and canyons. It all makes sense and falls perfectly into place. We can now study geology with a different filter – one that acknowledges that the earth is actually not that old.

A trusted history is the only sure way to discover the age of the earth. For us, that history is the Bible.

This doesn’t change the science – that is, what is truly science and not speculation. Rocks and minerals have very specific properties. We can discover those. And we can study weather patterns and petroleum engineering. We can discover magnificent fossils in the field and reconstruct dinosaurs. We can observe and make calculations concerning volcanoes.

Build Your Faith Through Geology

So when we teach geology, first and foremost, we settle that the Bible is history, and can be trusted. And then we bring our science discoveries to that table, and begin our study. Standing on the validity of Genesis is all-important. This is what is going to build faith.


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