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Scripture and Geology

Here are two great, short books to help you in your understanding of Scripture and Geology!               Scripture and Geology Is Scripture a part of your geology study?  If you haven’t been adding in the appropriate sections of Scripture that deal with geology, you might want to slam on […]

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How Do You Teach Geology

How Do You Teach Geology? Part 1 “I really don’t want to teach geology.” “My state doesn’t have a requirement for teaching that.” “My child isn’t interested in science.” We’ve heard these same thoughts many times. In fact, at a recent convention, one attendee said that she had been avoiding us for years, and thought […]

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Yellowstone National Park and the Flood

Yellowstone National Park and the Genesis Flood Sign up for our family tour!  Yellowstone Creation Adventure!   Try a free lesson  from our book, The Geology of Yellowstone. Yellowstone National Park and the Genesis Flood Our national parks are wonderful places to vacation with your family.  And there really is no place like Yellowstone National […]

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