7 Ideas to Spark Your Kid’s Interest in Geology

7 Ideas to Spark Your Kid’s Interest in Geology!

Geology can be an exciting, educational, and faith-building subject for kids to explore! It helps them understand the earth’s structure, processes, the formation of various geological features, and learn where our limits are with comprehending some of those things. More than that, it’s an essential way to help your children learn how to defend their faith through geology. Here are seven ideas to spark your kid’s interest in geology that you’ll love no matter what homeschool philosophy or method you adhere to:

volcano and 7 ideas to spark your kid's interest in geology

1. Field Trips and Tours

Take your kids on field trips and tours to natural geological sites such as mountains, canyons, or caves. We offer field trips and tours with hands-on experience which allows them to observe and appreciate geological formations firsthand.


2. Rock Collecting

Nurture a love of geology by encouraging your kids to start a rock collection and fossil collection. They can learn about different types of rocks, their properties, and how they are formed. They can also learn to identify rocks using field guides or our online self-paced courses and online live classes.


3. Fossil Hunting

Introduce your kids to the world of paleontology by going fossil hunting and using any of our fossil kits and books to help equip them with a solid biblical worldview. In fact, our books and kits will be like a biblical worldview “guide” in lieu of park guides that teach from a secular-humanist and evolutionist worldview.


4. Experimentation

Conduct simple geology experiments at home or in the classroom with our Creation Science Kit and our Yellowstone School and Lab. For example, you could simulate volcanic eruptions using baking soda and vinegar or create sedimentary rock layers using sand, clay, and water.


5. Books and Resources

Provide kids with age-appropriate books, documentaries, or our free Geo Talks on You Tube which explain geology in a fun and engaging way. Indeed, we  offer a variety of topics which help your family learn about geological concepts and spark your kids’ curiosity?

6. Museum Visits

Take kids to natural history museums or science centers that have exhibits on geology. In particular, keep an eye open as we work to prepare our Geology Learning Center to open!  Also in the Pacific Northwest (our home!), The Rice Northwest Museum is a museum that offers some outstanding exhibits. The Glendive (Montana) Dinosaur and Fossil Museum is also a great choice if you would like a museum that is Biblical in its approach, and has outstanding exhibits. Keep in mind, however, that not all natural history museums will offer a biblical worldview. Typically, display signs reference the evolution theory and myth of millions of years. Nevertheless, our resources will help you equip your children to understand natural history from a biblical worldview.

7. Rockhounding

This fun activity of collecting rocks, minerals, and fossils from their natural environment can be both educational and enjoyable for the whole family. Rockhounding is not only about collecting rocks but also about fostering curiosity, observation skills, and a deeper appreciation of the importance and beauty of geology. One of the beauties of homeschooling is that parents are able to tailor the activities to the age and interests of the children. Be sure to check out our educational themes such as:

  • Earth Science
  • Earth History and the Genesis Flood
  • Rocks and Minerals
  • Volcanoes
  • Dinosaurs
  • Fossils
  • Earthquakes
  • and more!


By making geology accessible and enjoyable, your K-12 kids can develop a lifelong appreciation for the geological wonders that God has created. Even more, they can learn biblical wisdom in the area of geology which will help them be discerning. I hope you enjoyed these seven fun ideas! Now go out and try some of them!


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