Three Benefits of Our Online Geology Classes

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Three Benefits of Our Online Geology Classes

Let’s take a dive into some of the benefits of online homeschooling with our online geology classes.  We have quite a few classes, and many homeschoolers have taken advantage of these readily available resources. So what are some of the advantages of online learning with Northwest Treasures? 

Biblical Approach

First, one of the biggest benefits of homeschooling online through Northwest Treasures is that you know that you are going to get our Biblical approach to all of our geology studies. This is probably the most important reason to use our resources. When you study geology, you are necessarily going to touch on whether or not you can trust the Biblical account of the Creation and Flood of Genesis. These are geological events! Having a Biblical understanding of these historical events will aid immeasurably in your geology study, and help you to better defend your faith when challenged.

Trusted Teacher

A second benefit of homeschooling with one of our online classes is that they are taught by…Rockman Pat, Patrick Nurre! Patrick is an excellent teacher, and has guided hundreds of students in their geology studies. He has a unique grasp of the issues surrounding geology, both scientifically and Biblically. You know that you can trust him to help your student know how to discern the science in geology. But he also helps them to understand the history of the Bible.

Want to get to check out Patrick’s teaching style? Check out our videos at YouTube!

More Time for Other Things!

A third benefit of homeschooling with our classes is that it gives you more time to devote to other endeavors, like working with your other children, getting some laundry done, you know!

Online homeschooling offers a wide range of benefits besides these. But we are especially proud of the classes that we have, and we hope that you will take a look at what we have that can help you not only to fill a niche in your schooling. More importantly, however, we can help your child learn to defend their faith while they study the fascinating world of geology!

Here are some of our classes!

For Middle School:

Earth Science for Middle School (Live, Online Class, Gr. 4-8)

Geology for Kids Online (On Demand Online Class, Gr. 4-8)

For High School

Intro to Biblical Geology (Live, Online Class)

Practical Geology (Live, Online Class, High School)

Apologetics for High School (Live, Online Class, High School)

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