Fossil Identification Field Guide



Looking for and finding fossils is such fun, and it is also a great hobby. But a true appreciation doesn’t come with the search unless it is accompanied by an accurate understanding of how and why the fossils even exist. Fossil Identification Field Guide seeks to help you find answers to these questions from a Biblical perspective. The 6″ x 9″ size is perfect for carrying in your backpack. Grades 3-12.

Topics covered include:

  • Why We Should Study Fossils,
  • Tips for Collecting
  • Learning the Fossil Terms
  • Adaptability and Kinds
  • What is a Fossil?
  • Types of Fossils
  • A Biblical Model for Interpreting the Rock Layers Containing Fossils
  • Identifying the Invertebrate Sea Fossils Part One
  • Identifying the Invertebrate Sea Fossils
  • Identifying the Vertebrate Land Fossils

138 pages.  Full color. Over 300 photos and illustrations.

Shipping included.

To read a short excerpt from a few chapters, click on the picture below.



Printed in the USA.

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