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Are you needing a speaker for your convention or event? You have come to the right place! Although you could take our word for it you don’t need to! See what people are saying about our speaker, Patrick Nurre!

What are people saying about our speaker, Patrick Nurre? They love him!

Patrick is Awesome!

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Patrick is AWESOME! I appreciate your passion for instilling a Biblical worldview and therefore producing vibrant faith. 

I’m walking along the shoreline looking at millions of fossils as I listen to one of your lectures on YouTube. This is probably the ninth or 10th time I’ve listened to your talk and I love it more each time. One of these days I’m going to invite a bunch of people to my home and watch this talk with them. Scott Huffman

My favorite speaker in this convention.

Thank you again for pouring into this unique and much needed ministry! Georgiana Ungur

Thank you for coming to our convention!  (Your speaking) was truly profound and I am grateful for the revelation I received from the Lord through you! Bonnie White

Very funny and engaging talk! I would absolutely like to hear more from this presenter.

See what people are saying about our speaker, Patrick Nurre!

I have enjoyed your presentations at our conference this year.

Thank you so much for taking the time to share your godly knowledge to our family.  We really enjoyed the radio broadcast. W

The depth of the speaker’s knowledge on the topic was evident (radiometric dating).

I would like to hear Patrick again! Feeds my faith and my love for geology, thanks!

EXTREMELY INTERESTING! (Egyptian Chronology and the Bible)

Very knowledgeable!

It was such a blessing to be opened to this world of geology!  I’m looking forward to learning much more from you! KC

Very helpful, organized and easy to follow. Another great workshop, thank you! Love it! Thank you for encouraging my faith, parenting and homeschooling. My favorite part of the conference!

Great presentation. Loved it!

As a homeschooling mother and homeschool co-op high school biology teacher, getting more information on geology, which is my weak point, is important.  Patrick was concise and knowledgeable about geology.  It was a joy to attend his seminar.  Kathryn Mainka

(Participant in the teen track) Thank you for coming to MACHE. I loved all your sessions. They made me think. Everything you talked about was really inspirational. I learned a lot, and am sooo thankful that you cam to MACHE.  AGB 

Help for our Families

We can not tell you how grateful we are for your investment in our kids! They truly are the future! Thank you! M

I, for one, LOVED your seminars  and learned many things, certainly from a different point of view than I learned in public schools. I loved that you explained the Bible in terms of real science! This only strengthens my faith and my resolve to teach my children in a Godly way. Genet Harris

Thank you for standing for truth and helping us equip our children!  So fascinating to hear you tie Scripture to geology.

After hearing you speak, I realized how crucial geology is to a creation worldview.  You wove the other sciences (chemistry and biology to memory) into the study of geology, and I was fascinated by the fact that really, rock formation is literally and figuratively the foundation of creation.  How could I have missed that with all the creation teaching I’ve heard and taught?  You made it abundantly clear without being overbearing.  The testimony the Lord has built in you and your history with rocks in your youth added a relatable (and enviable!) appeal that easily kept my attention.

Patrick Nurre brings a wealth of field experience in geology and a warm-hearted approach to the needs of homeschoolers. I highly recommend him to you! Diana Waring, homeschool author/speaker.

See what people are saying about our speaker, Patrick Nurre!

You have woven so many aspects of creation, the sciences, Biblical truth, and a Christian worldview into this one teaching – it’s impressive.  I really thought, if we could start with the truths you were teaching and add all the other points from other creationist teaching into it, everything would be even clearer, and Christians could take a more solid stance in defending creationism and teaching it to their children.

Thank you for teaching the children about the truth of dinosaurs and the Bible.

We just love the encouragement and excitement you create amongst our homeschool families! Thank you! CFHE team (Spokane)


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