Christ and Geology

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Christ and Geology

Christ is worthy of celebrating! Around here, we enjoy celebrating Him with Geology in mind. Why? Because there is a symbolic connection between Christ and Geology—He is the Foundation, the Rock of Ages, and He’s the Cornerstone of our faith. 

What It Means to Celebrate! 

To begin with, when we go to celebrate Christ with our children it’s perhaps a good idea to clarify what that means. 

Then we can show our children that there is a nature and a use for what it means to celebrate. 

The nature of what it means to celebrate is this: “To praise; to extol; to commend; to give to; to make famous; as, to celebrate the name of the Most High. The grave cannot celebrate thee. Isaiah 38:18.” (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary of the English Language) As you share about this with your children, point out that this is internal—this is what takes place inside of us as we celebrate Jesus Christ. 

But there’s also the use of what it means to celebrate. Of course, children tend to have this part down pretty well: “2. To distinguish by solemn rites; to keep holy. 3. To honor or distinguish by ceremonies and marks of joy and respect; as, to celebrate the birth day of Washington; to celebrate a marriage.  4. To mention in a solemn manner, whether of joy or sorrow.” (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary English Language) And this is what you may point out to your children as being the external way of celebrating Jesus Christ.

Different Ways to Celebrate 

Among the Christian community, there are different ways and times that Christians celebrate Christ. 

Some prefer to celebrate Him during the Biblical Feast of Tabernacles because He came to dwell with us. Because of His personal sacrifice for us to redeem us from sin, His Spirit dwells—tabernacles—within us. And many scholars believe that Christ was born in the Fall. 

However, some Christians celebrate Him during Christmastime because the wise men likely visited Him then. This article by Classical Astronomy on What Was the Star of Bethlehem? looks into some of the interesting ideas behind the Biblical narrative/history.  

Then there some Christians who celebrate Him around Hanukah in the winter because this was a minor Biblical Feast. Many Christians see the connection and significance of the Temple/Tabernacle and Christ. The Book Seeing Christ in the Tabernacle by Ervin N. Hershberger does an amazing job of showing us Christ in the Tabernacle. 

In any case, as Christians we’re unified by our faith in Jesus Christ—our Messiah. 

Christ and Geology 

Where can we go without thinking about Christ and Geology? Rocks are just about everywhere we go—under our feet, the gorgeous mountains surrounding us, at beaches and lakes.  

There are several Bible verses that refer to Jesus Christ as the Foundation, Rock, or a [precious] Stone. So, yes, Revealed Scripture teaches us of Christ while referring to stones. Therefore, it’s important to note that we can learn some things of Christ through God’s Creation. This article at Blue Letter Bible’s website is an excellent explanation about how God has revealed Himself through nature

Our Christ and Geology Family Bible Study 

In addition to reading the above mentioned article, we have a unique family Bible study for you! Indeed there are many things we may learn about geology and why it is used to describe attributes of Christ.

Our Christ and Geology study: 

  • Is a 5-Day Family Bible Study. That said, it could be done once a week over the course of 5 weeks if that works best for your family. 
  • It includes a biblical worldview Word study on the word celebrate. 
  • Includes commentary from Matthew Henry helps to understand what the select passages of Scripture mean and offer food for thought. 
  • Has discussion topics for each day’s study. 
  • Contains notebook page activities for the whole family (draw, illustrate, journal, or cut and paste). 
  • Has a printable Scripture art page that may be framed or placed in 3-ring notebook cover pockets. 

As you celebrate Jesus Christ, it’s our hope that your family will greatly enjoy our Christ and Geology family Bible study! 

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