Geology and the Bible: Rockman Pat’s Story

Learn more about the history of modern geology and the influence on the church, and why we need to trust our Scriptures!



 Geology and the Bible: Patrick’s story

It is not uncommon for folks to ask me how I got into doing what I am doing – teaching about  creation geology: geology from a Biblical perspective. It is such a part of my life that it makes sense for you to know a bit more about me!

Montana! Beautiful Montana!

I was raised in the wonderful state of Montana, just off the Crow Indian reservation. I spent many a very happy weekend hunting for fossils and other rock and mineral treasures along the Big Horn River, as well as the Little Big Horn River. (Think General Custer and the Last Stand. That was just outside of my small town.) My dad would take me out in the morning, and come back later to pick me up. I was on my own to contend with snakes or other misadventures. And I loved it!

Not far from where I grew up was where they discovered the first deinonychus fossil. You see, eastern Montana is just covered in dinosaur fossils, and I, happily, got to find many of the fossils available there.

I discovered so many wonderful things in my explorations. Some of them ended up in the front window of my dad’s business where tourists might pass by and see them and purchase them.

So I was really into the dinosaur scene, in addition to just being curious about the rocks I was finding. My mom knew my interest and did all she could to feed that interest. She was the head librarian at the county library, so she had her fingers on some of the most interesting books about dinosaurs.

 Geology and the Bible agreeing? Is it even possible?

But there came the day when I realized that I was coming up against some things that my church taught that did not square with what I was learning in the library books. My particular church taught a very real Adam and Eve, and there was no way that this was compatible with long ages and cave men, and certainly not dinosaurs. A church leader told me to just believe what the church taught, and I would be fine.

But I wasn’t fine. I knew that this was a problem that needed a solution. Either the library and science books I was reading were going to be my foundation, or the Bible was. And I was caught in between a rock and a hard place. Sorry, that pun just had to be made!

When I went to college, I again sought out some spiritual guidance from a leader at my church. And what he told me set me on a path that led very quickly away from God. He told me that not all that the church taught was true.

Coming from a very religious family, this rocked my world. I never thought that a leader who had studied the Bible would say something like this. But he had. And I was suddenly free to consider that my science books were the truth, and that the Bible was just a bunch of nice stories.

Coming back full circle

As I went through college, my life became increasingly undone. And it was at this time that the Lord finally got my attention and directed me back to the Bible and to the truth that was there. It was at this time that I became a true believer in God and the sacrifice of His Son for my sins.

But now I was up against that same question that I had just a few years earlier. Was the book of Genesis true? How could I know?

About this time, a friend introduced me to a book by the late Dr. Henry Morris, called, The Genesis Flood. He thought it might help answer some of my questions. And indeed, it did! But it also made me extremely angry! I realized for the first time that there was evidence that supported a worldwide flood which would explain the world we see around us. It was not a matter of eons and ages to build up the landforms. What we see is very simply the result of a catastrophic flood. And there were arguments and data to support this idea! My anger stemmed from the thought that this information had been kept from me, in that it was not available in most science books. And there was no good reason for it to be excluded.

So began my search to dig deeper and find out as much as I could about especially, the Flood of Genesis – how it started, what would have happened during the Flood, what happened afterwards, and how the entire story from the Bible could stand as a very authoritative account of what happened to our world.

And today…

And that takes me to today. Over the years, I have not stopped studying this vital area of science. And this study has led me to create the geology kits and curricula at Northwest Treasures, all with the purpose of helping families understand the important truths of Genesis. And they are truths. The book of Genesis is not just some fanciful stories about how the Lord created our world. It is truth. And the more we discover about our world, the more that these discoveries confirm the truth of the Bible.

I hope this helps you to understand a bit about what drives me to do what I do. It is so important to me that the truth of Genesis finds its way to the heads and hearts of our children. Our faith is a precious jewel. We want to be able to stand and defend it, with no apologies. And there is every good reason to do just that!

Want to learn more about Geology and the Bible?

Do you want to learn more? I have written a book, called Genesis: Rock Solid. This short book covers some of the history of the church as regards science, and how many in the church abandoned the truth of the scriptures as regards creation and the Flood. The conflict in the church over the truth of the Scriptures is very real. This book can help you to understand the conflict, how we got here, and some of the implications for ignoring the truths revealed in the Bible. You can order it here.

This short study can be used as a Bible study, with questions for discussion.



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4 thoughts on “Geology and the Bible: Rockman Pat’s Story

  1. wonderful! i love that you wrote this up! i think im going to look up that book as well. thank you for sharing your story!

    1. Thank you!

  2. Thank you for the reminder to read your story! Taking care of three horses and maintaining our ranch has kept my husband and me so busy I was not able to get into it the first time you sent it a couple of weeks ago. Your story echos mine in many ways; I just never was exposed to any fossils. But I believed every word in the Bible, without any encouragement from anyone, family or otherwise. God revealed Himself to me when I was five years old and I grew up with the KJV, which put together with that experience at the young age of five solidified my faith in God and on His word, against all detractors, which were even in the church my parents took us kids to.

    As a teenager I became interested in rocks but I knew that the field was under the control of secular geologists, or at least this was what I was picking up, so I left off with the whole idea. Then I had a grandson, Justin, whom I was home schooling. The Monarch curriculum we bought to use with him had some geology in it’s fourth grade science book. And it was from a Christian perspective. Justin was already interested in rocks, picking up ones that appealed to him from the river rock pebbles around my flowerbeds, from the age of two years old. So when he found the chapter in the contents page of the science book on Geology, he wanted to start with that chapter, which suited me perfectly. The more I worked through that chapter with him the happier I became, realizing there was a Christian view of the topic after all. So, that led to online research, looking for geodes for sale to gift Justin with. And that, Rockman Pat, is how I found you, those several years ago. It was by God’s guidance, I know, for my education and encouragement. I would have never had the joy of discovering you and your materials if my little grandson did not have a child like interest in random rocks. Praise be to God!

    1. We love your story, Ann! Thank you for your support!

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