Journal Writing Prompts

After writing about rocks, have some hands-on fun!


Journal Writing Prompts

Geology can be lots of fun to learn and this collection of journal writing prompts is a great way to help get the imagination going! What? Write about rocks? Well, yes! Because there are stories in the rocks. So surely there are stories about geology just waiting to emerge from your students’ imaginations. In fact,  it doesn’t matter if your homeschool students have years of practice behind them or if they’re beginners. Certainly, there’s something here for everyone and each story will end up being unique!



Writing Prompts Are a Great Exercise

Needless to say, it can be tough coming up with things to write about. Especially when it comes to rocks. But journal writing prompts help bring geology to life! In fact, they inspire new ideas and can be a great tool for breaking up writer’s block. Another key point is that they may help with reinforcement and retention of information that your students are learning.

While a famous quote of Albert Einstein’s says, “Imagination is more important than knowledge,” we believe that both aspects are important. In addition,  creative writing may bring a greater understanding to the knowledge your students gain. With this in mind, students may be able to better comprehend some challenging concepts about geology as they creatively write about it.

Geology Writing Prompts Ignite a Sense of Curiosity

Because our world is laden with technology and entertainment so easily at hand, it can be tough for subjects like geology to compete. Therefore, giving students that much needed space to imagine and write is essential for igniting a sense of curiosity about the subject. Or for any subject really.

Notably, when students can interact with the subjects they’re writing about, they can gain a better sense of their subject. Generally speaking, this is a natural inclination for young people as they learn about their environment—what is an object’s temperature, texture, hardness or softness, etc.? For this reason, we’ve created our Mining the Mines Kit ( as well as others!) which contains many samples used in the popular Minecraft® game—adding to the educational quality and giving a richer educational experience. So, offering samples for your student to handle as they consider describing their subject may be helpful in engaging your students’ imagination and knowledge.

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20 Unique Journal Writing Prompts

1. _You’ve made a geological discovery! Now can you describe what it, how you’ll classify it, and how this changes your life?

2._You’re a Geology Museum Curator. So you need to explain the history behind your museum and what’s in your collection.

3._A new adventure awaits you in the Grand Canyon and you have a week to camp there. In light of your experience, describe  your week-long adventure.

4._You find yourself on a cave discovery team. Given that not many will share your experience, you want to describe your role, what your team discovers, and what your adventure is like.

5._You’re a speaker at a homeschool conference. Because it is important to study geology with a Biblical worldview, what will you tell your listeners about this?

6._Imagine that you’re in a volcano and you have a special suit on that protects you from the heat of molten lava. Now, describe your experience as the volcano goes through the process of erupting.

7._You are fresh ash from a volcanic eruption. So what is your experience like going from volcano, to air, to earth?

8._Pick a favorite rock, gem, or mineral and describe it.

9._The perfect place in the whole wide world to collect geology samples is . . .

10._If I were a rock, I’d . . .

11._Write a poem about being a geologist.

12._If I could visit Yellowstone, I’d like to see . . .

13._My best rockhounding experience so far is . . .

14._The top 5 best things rocks are used for are . . .

15._Write a poem about a picture agate.

16._I love learning about geology because . . .

17._A day in the life of a geologist is like . . .

18._Choose three top geology sites you’d like to see and write about them.

19._Describe what you think the earth/world would be like without rocks.

20._Rocks, minerals, or gems make the world a beautiful and fun place. So can you journal about some of the different ways that this takes place?

I hope your child has fun looking through these ideas! Here’s to joy-filled writing!

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