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Creation Geology: The Key to Unraveling Earth History

  (This is condensed from a talk given at the Apologetics Forum of Snohomish County. You can watch the entire presentation by clicking below.)                         You can learn more about the differences between history and science in this great […]

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Journal Writing Prompts

After writing about rocks, have some hands-on fun! Journal Writing Prompts Geology can be lots of fun to learn and this collection of journal writing prompts is a great way to help get the imagination going! What? Write about rocks? Well, yes! Because there are stories in the rocks. So surely there are stories about […]

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Volcanic Rock Identification

Try a FREE lesson from our high school volcano study!   Volcanic Rock Identification Today, we’re going to talk just a little bit about volcanic rocks. And the goal of this is to help you with volcanic rock identification. Coupled with any of our Volcano books or kits, you’ll be set for an outstanding rockhounding […]

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Homeschool Geology on a Budget – 10 Tips

Homeschool Geology on a Budget – 10 Tips New day, new school year, resolutions, planning. Oh, yes, planning. To be sure, our kids have been out of the home for a while now. But I do remember that wonderful turn of the year; a time for planning in the spring. Especially planning for our state […]

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Yellowstone Creation Adventures

Join our Yellowstone Tours – our Yellowstone Creation Adventures! Yellowstone Tours with a Biblical Viewpoint! Many folks wonder just what a Yellowstone Creation Adventures might look like. Each of our Yellowstone tours is unique, but we thought you might enjoy following Dave and Leslie’s family as they learn about and visit Yellowstone National Park. Even […]

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