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Many folks wonder just what a Yellowstone Creation Adventures might look like. Each of our Yellowstone tours is unique, but we thought you might enjoy following Dave and Leslie’s family as they learn about and visit Yellowstone National Park. Even though this is a fictitious homeschooling family, you’ll learn some golden nuggets that geologist Patrick Nurre shares on his real-life Yellowstone tours!

And now, enjoy with your children what Dave, Leslie, and their parents have to share.


Yellowstone Dreams


Dave stood outside in their yard, scanning the farmland and hills when his older sister, Leslie, called his name. He had been thinking about what he had just learned with his mom a moment ago. Afterwards, he had gone outside to think. But now Dave turned around to see Leslie running up to him from the house.

“Hey, Leslie!” he hollered back.

“I’ve been looking for you.” said Leslie, slowing down and then turning to see what he was looking at. “What are you thinking about? Is it what mom read to us about Lewis and Clark during our lessons earlier?”

“Yep.” said Dave, scanning the hills again, thoughtfully. “Do you remember when she read about the Yellowstone River that they passed?”

“Sure I do.” replied Leslie.

“Well,” said Dave, “I asked mom to look up pictures and descriptions of it. I wanted to see what it was like—what Lewis and Clark saw, I mean. Then . . . we found pictures of a place beyond the river.”

“What do you mean?” asked Leslie, confused. “What’s beyond it?”

“I mean, there are more things beyond the Yellowstone River, Leslie!” said Dave, excitedly. “Somewhere Lewis and Clark never explored! A place they passed in their journeys!”

Yellowstone Tours yet to come…

Leslie had never really thought about such a possibility and stood for a moment, quiet. “Really?” she finally said.

“Really!” persuaded Dave, hoping to get his sister to understand how exciting it was. “Yellowstone National Park! Of course, it wasn’t called that then. But the area was explored later, after Lewis and Clark, by other people. The pictures of the place were . . . amazing! A place of canyons rising around you, hot springs in every direction, geyser basins, the Lewis and Clark Caverns! Imagine it!” Dave waved a hand towards the hills beyond. “A place just waiting out there for us to see—to see something that Lewis and Clark never saw!

Click on the picture to learn more about Geology and the Lewis and Clark Expedition!

“Wait.” interrupted Leslie. “The Lewis and Clark Caverns? But you said they never went there!”

“No, they didn’t.” agreed Dave. “I asked mom why they were called that, and she researched about it.”

“And?” urged Leslie.

“Apparently President Roosevelt named the place that because it had been over one hundred years since the Lewis and Clark Expedition, and nothing in the Federal Union was named for them yet. So, Roosevelt named it in their honor.”

“I get it now.” said Leslie. “How far away is Yellowstone National Park, though? I mean, can we go there someday, do you think? It sounds exciting! Seeing the things Lewis and Clark never saw!”

Yellowstone Promises

“Perhaps you can go there.” another voice chimed in the conversation.

Leslie and Dave turned around and saw Dad and Mom looking at them with smiles.

“Hey!” the kids greeted them cheerfully.

“Yellowstone is a fine place, I hear from my friends.” said Dad. “I think we can find a time to go there for a family homeschool field trip.”

“I went there once myself.” Mom added, a knowing twinkle in her eye.

“Really?” inquired the kids.

“We mean what we said about the field trip and all.” assured Dad. “Yellowstone is a place worth seeing I bet, even though I’ve never been there. It’ll be a new experience for us all.”

“After all,” remarked Mom,” even the second time around, I’ll learn something new and see it with new eyes. I hadn’t learned about Yellowstone National Park with a Biblical worldview the first visit I made. This will be a rich and memorable road trip and family vacation.”

With excitement in her eyes, Leslie exclaimed, “That sounds—”

“Cool!” cut in Dave.

“I think it is too, kids.” Dad expressed with a warm smile. “I’m telling you, I hear Yellowstone is a great place to see and a faith-building experience with Patrick Nurre of Northwest Treasures.”

“Imagine it, Leslie!” cried Dave excitedly as Dad vanished into the house. He turned to look at her with joy, “Seeing Yellowstone—and taking a tour there!”

Yellowstone Gems

“So what do you kids think about the Yellowstone Tour with Mr. Nurre so far? As in, what gems of truth are eye-opening for you?” Mom asked as she plopped down on the sofa.

Dave set down his Yellowstone Activity Book and gave his response a thought for a moment. “Well,” he began, “Overall, I like how Mr. Nurre explains about Norris Geyser Basin. It make sense that with all of its faults and earthquakes, it’s evidence of the destructive power that was unleashed as a result of the Flood. And especially,  I can’t wait to visit and learn about the Lewis and Clark Cave!”

“What about you, Leslie?” inquired Mom.

Leslie set down her  journal to answer, “I find the explanation behind Mammoth Terraces fascinating! The terraces that were quite “alive” and building 25 years ago, have stopped growing, while other terraces start growing. Not to mention that it didn’t take thousands or even millions of years for these to form. Tme is not the issue. The right chemical environment is! What about you, Mom and Dad?”

Setting down his coffee Dad replied, “To begin with, I appreciate how he shares the view of secular scientists and then Mr. Nurre contrasts it with a Biblical worldview. In particular, the explanation about the Northeast Entrance and the Beartooth Mountains is on my mind. It really shows the aftereffects of the Genesis Flood, with all the evidence of tremendous glacial movement that carved huge valleys, and planed the tops of the mountains. And those glacial lakes at an elevation of 10,000 ft.! Weren’t they beautiful?  I can see how a proper understanding of how the Flood bringing on an Ice Age is so important to understanding what we see in our world today.”

Wrapping Up the Discussion

Mom got up from the sofa, suggesting it was about time to get rest for the next day’s tour. “For me,” she began, “The Hebgen Lake area, Earthquake Lake – that is what stands out to me. It’s so hard to imagine what people in the area suffered through in that 1959 earthquake. All of a sudden,  homes were in the lake, the dam broke, and a new lake was created. But, besides the geological interest of the area, it’s easy to see, without any imagination at all, what tremendous change happened because of one event. Magnify this several thousand times, and you have what was happening in the days of the Flood. You see the evidence all around us. But that’s enough for now. Let’s get to bed crew. We have a busy day ahead of us tomorrow!”

Want to learn more about Yellowstone and the Genesis Flood?

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After family prayer time, Dave and Leslie’s family turned in for the night. Thoughts of all they had seen, pointing to the truths of God’s Word gave way to sleep, as each member was thankful for this priceless opportunity.

Yellowstone Tours – Yellowstone Creation Adventures with Your Family

While Lewis and Clark missed out on the sites of Yellowstone, you don’t have to! Because of our passion for sharing truths of God’s Word in relation to Geology, we enjoy giving Yellowstone Creation Tours. It’s so important to us to help families reason Biblically about the age of the earth—as Geology is the foundation of all natural sciences.

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