What are people saying about our geology tours?

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What are people saying about our Geology Tours?

It helps so much to know the experience of others when you are trying to make a decision about taking a tour with us, like our Yellowstone Creation Adventures. These tours can be lifechanging in so many ways. But they are especially built to help you on your faith journey, to help you trust the Scriptures in all that they say. So, what are people saying about our geology tours?

Here’s what people are saying!

Thank you both for a delightful and educational experience! ~Brad & Ingrid

Thank you both so much for offering such a quality experience we will always remember.  ~Andy and Melissa Vincent

This has been an exciting and fulfilling experience for us as you have helped establish a much wider basis for perceiving how wondrous are the works of God displayed in so many things around us. ~VM

Biblical Viewpoint

The Yellowstone/Dino Dig adventures were a most memorable trip.  We had been to Yellowstone before, but we saw so much more this time.  The Nurres knew where to be at what time to get the most popular sites in before the crowds, and then they showed us hidden gems we would not have known to look for.  We came away with a far greater appreciation of God’s creation and the fingerprints He left all over it. ~ Carolyn Young

Guided Tour

On behalf of our family, I can say that the Yellowstone Creation Adventure was amazing and eye-opening for us!  We loved having the opportunity for a guided tour that allowed us to see the park’s geology from a creationist point of view, as Patrick and Vicki explained the process by which the Great Flood and volcanic activity, as well as the subsequent Ice Age and regional flooding, led to the formation of the specific geologic formations that we visited.This memorable field trip can, in a new way, channel your children’s natural curiosity–even about the rocks they pick up outside–toward Biblical truth by giving them a glimpse of the glory of their Creator.” Thank you again! ~Kevin Edgerton

Greater Understanding

The 2017 Yellowstone Tour was a great adventure for us. Such a broadening of our understanding of how the present geologic features we observed, fit so reasonably and logically into the time frame and and brief account of the Biblical Noah’s flood and the aftermath of that. Really fascinating. The Dino Dig was so interesting also, the partly excavated triceratops skeleton, as well as finding and digging real fossilized bones to take home with us. Thanks for the great trip! ~Elton and Viola Miller

What people are saying about other tours…

The Dino Dig/Agate adventure was something we would have never come up with on our own, but we’re really glad the kids got to try their hand at it.  The museum was a most pleasant surprise, and we will never look at the world the same way again.  Pat and Vicki were most helpful every step the way, and I hope we get to spend time together again.  The ultimate home school field trip or family outing!

It was a fantastic blessing to see the layered beauty of the Badlands in eastern Montana and to get ‘up close and personal’ with the fossilized evidence they encase. I really enjoyed learning first hand how much physical evidence we have in support of a world wide flood and a Biblical timeline. Thank you, Patrick!! It really was an unforgettable adventure!! God bless you guys!! ~Rachel Letvin

Our family enjoyed learning how to apply the Bible to our modern day struggles, and seeing the reference of the past as recorded in the bible, come to life before our eyes! ~Martijn and Kristin Thijssen

What a wonderful trip! You made Yellowstone such an amazing experience with the truth of the Biblical perspective. ~JP

We talked on the way to Billings and several times since about what an amazing trip we had with you both…thank you for all your work to give us such a meaningful outlook on God’s creation, specifically in the Yellowstone area. Anon.

We had such an amazing experience. Thank you for such an incredibly educational tour. Rocks and mountains tell the Biblical story too. ~Esther Elmasri

Teens love them!

Our whole family enjoyed the Yellowstone Creation Adventure tour.  It was the best decision we could have made for seeing Yellowstone in a meaningful way, and it was such a blessing to spend time with like-minded families. Our faith was strengthened seeing and learning about the geological evidence all around Yellowstone that shows the history of creation and how Noah’s flood changed the landscape. Our teenage sons learned so much on the tour and were having fun discovering and identifying rocks and thermal features throughout our stay in Yellowstone and also in the other parks we visited afterward. They thanked us all week for taking them on the tour. ~Andy and Melissa Vincent

Our family of four enjoyed the Montana Dino Dig and four-day Yellowstone tours with the Nurre’s this year. We highly recommend it.  Our SUV came home loaded with awesome rocks, petrified wood, agates, and dinosaur bones from MT, and we really enjoyed seeing all of the major points of Yellowstone with such an experienced and Godly guide.  Patrick and Vicki, you guys “ROCK” (pun intended)! ~Carol Gary

What people are saying… they love having a knowledgeable tour guide!

Your knowledge is astounding! So thankful for all your hard work and leading in this amazing adventure! ~R

Thank you for blessing us with your time, knowledge, and passion this week! We are so thankful for godly people such as you! ~S, R

Thank you both for such a meaningful trip to Yellowstone, Glendive and the Creation Museum.  Your passion for the Truth combined with your vast knowledge of geology has made you a sharp tool of the Lord.  Your ability to explain things on a level where the general public can understand has transformed your years of understanding , study, and contemplation into a ministry.  My family  have thanked me repeatedly for signing up for the trip.  First of all, if we had shown up toLone Star Geyser in Yellowstone National Park Yellowstone on our own, it would have been so overwhelming as to what to see PLUS it would have been a hollow trip without opening our eyes to “the rocks crying out” the evidence of the Flood.  I am grateful to you both for the time and energy it took to develop this excursion.   Thank you again. ~Kim and Bryan Hanysak

Thank you so much for this awesome trip! You are perfectly fulfilling God’s purpose for you! ~H

Well worth the expense!

This was an amazing trip! If you get a chance it is worth the time and money! It was educational and soooo much fun! ~Kate Cushman

What a phenomenal adventure for our teens at such a reasonable price! ~Carol Gary

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