What are people saying about our classes?


What are people saying about our classes?

We have both online live classes, as well as on-demand classes. And they are both favorites with families! Here is what they are saying:

What are people saying about our classes?


I wanted to say thank you for boldly teaching the truth behind science. I learned more about how the Bible works with science than I ever have before.  It was affirming sitting in your class and having you share your heart for this next generation. I am forever changed because you spoke truth and now I am seeking that truth so I can share with my children and all that I can share with. ~Laurie Johansen

This is awesome.  Your thinking is so systematic and linear, very easy to follow.  You are such a good teacher.  Thanks so much. ~Kim H.

Thank you – it was a great class.  This was my daughter’s “first” exposure (she’s 3rd grade) to young earth vs. millions of years, which she sees in history/science books all the time.  We have talked about it, but hearing about it in context with the dinosaurs was a great interest holder.  ~Ann Schlosser

I want my daughter in all of your classes!

You have helped my daughter so much! I want her to be in all of your classes! It is the highlight of her week! ~Tanya Scott

I was greatly impressed with your dinosaur webinar. The information was timely and the subject was interesting, as I have three avid fossil hunters! Please accept my sincere thanks for a great program that was straight forward, and organized the information for my children! ~Leah Matvey 

What are people saying about our classes? They love the hands-on training!

Really enjoying Patrick Nurre’s Geology class! ~Anon.

Good Science and Faith Building

Northwest Treasures had an enormous impact on both of my children.  In middle school and high school, both of my children took year-long courses in geology from Mr. Nurre. Currently, both attend college, my son at a prestigious engineering college, and my daughter at a highly reputable business college. They were both awarded the highest academic scholarships their schools offered. A large part of their academic success was due to the geology background Mr. Nurre taught them for so many years.

Even more importantly than the high level of scientific knowledge they gained from Mr. Nurre, they were given a strong Biblical perspective on science, specifically geology, from a professional geologist. They learned invaluable lessons that high-level scientific study goes hand in hand with a Biblical understanding of the world and that scientific truth and integrity are not sacrificed but only enhanced when observing God’s impact in our physical world. My children have been empowered for the rest of their lives with knowledge and wisdom thanks to their tutelage under Mr. Nurre. We are forever grateful for Northwest Treasures  for sharing their wealth of knowledge and wisdom.  ~Kim Cutuli


We have checked out the lesson and really enjoyed it. We plan to watch it again over the next few months, breaking it down and reviewing what you taught. Your lesson has brought about a new curiosity and topics to learn about in our homeschool year. ~Tina Hill

Children excited to learn!

What are people saying about our classes? They love that they are getting good science.My son is very excited about the Dinosaurs and the Bible class.  I opened it up to take a look at it. He came by and BEGGED to do it today. Love that! I’m a happy mama. ~J

My son loved the class and learned so much. He would share with me throughout the year.  He wanted to keep his textbooks so that he could read them on occasion. ~KC

I just wanted to tell you that my children and I really enjoyed the webinar.  Patrick Nurre was very informative, clear, and funny.  ~Beatriz Ceballos

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