The Mineral Families Set


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There is just ONE of these, so when it is gone, that’s it!

The Mineral Families Set includes ten mineral samples, along with a short explanation of the mineral families. These large samples are approximately 1″ across. Minerals included are:

  • The Silicate Family – Hornblende and Topaz
  • The Carbonite Family – Dolomite
  • The Sulfide Family – Arsenopyrite
  • The Borate Family – Ulexite
  • The Sulfate Family – Celestite
  • The Halide Family – Halite
  • Native Elements – Stibnite
  • The Phosphate Family – Apatite
  • The Oxide Family – Hematite
The Mineral Families Set comes in a 10-celled, plastic box, perfect for displaying these treasures!
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