The Fossil Record Kit



The Fossil Record by John Morris is a great book that will help your high school student understand the fossil record, and how this can help to build your faith in all that the Scriptures have to say.

Please note: This study is on a high school level, but has no time frame put on it, as it is largely self-guided. Please consult your state requirements if you desire to earn high school science credit for it.

Kit includes:

  • The Fossil Record by Dr. John Morris and Frank Sherwin
  • Research questions
  • Test
  • 35 fossils
  • Carrying case

Shipping included.

The Fossil RecordThe debate over creation and evolution shows no sign of letting up. Many are aware that this is a seminal issue ” perhaps the most important of our day.

The Fossil Record thoroughly examines the evidence to determine which worldview—creation or evolution—presents the most accurate portrayal of Earth’s early history. Did life spontaneously generate and then mutate over millions of years, or was life supernaturally created in the basic forms that exist today?

Geologist Dr. John Morris and zoologist Frank Sherwin look at the record to see what it actually reveals and find that the evidence definitively supports creation. It speaks of exquisite design, not random development through natural processes. The fossils testify to the biblical history of recent creation, the Fall of mankind, and the great Flood of Noah’s day.

This book will help you examine the evidence and discover the Creator of all things.

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