Rocks and Minerals: The Stuff of the Earth, The Kit



Rocks and Minerals: The Stuff of the Earth, the kit

A comprehensive study of rocks and minerals, this study will look at the makeup of minerals and the rocks they form.  It is designed to be a semester study, grades 9-12.

Study includes:

  • In the Beginning – The Foundation
  • The Rock-forming Minerals
  • The Origin and Types of the Rocks
  • Plutonic and Volcanic Rocks
  • Sedimentary Rocks and their Origin
  • Metamorphic Rocks and their Origin
  • Rock Formations, Mysteries of the Past
  • The Mineral Families
  • Properties of Minerals
  • Color and Varieties in Minerals
  • Rocks and Minerals of the Bible
  • Minerals of the Bible
  • Fluorescence

…all from a young-Earth perspective! 

The kit includes:

  • Rocks and Minerals, The Stuff of the Earth (145 page soft-cover, color textbook) with quizzes, comprehensive exam, and answer key
  • 9 Mohs minerals (talc, gypsum, calcite, fluorite, apatite, feldspar, quartz, topaz and corundum)
  • 12 metamorphic rocks (Gneiss, schist, slate, phyllite, serpentinite, steatite, amphibolite, quartzite, greenstone, marble, anthracite, and hornfels)
  • 4 plutonic rocks (gabbro, diorite, granodiorite and granite)
  • 12 rock-forming minerals (quartz, calcite, potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar, muscovite mica, jasper, olivine, amphibole, pyroxene, calcium feldspar, magnetite, biotite mica) 
  • 13 sedimentary rocks (shale, siltstone, sandstone, breccia, arkose, conglomerate, limestone, travertine, coquina, fossil limestone, chalk, halite, bituminous coal)
  • 9 volcanic rocks (basalt, rhyolite, dacite, andesite, obsidian, scoria, pumice, tuff, vesicular basalt)
  • 8 mineral samples showing crystal habits
  • Mohs Hardness Test Kit including 2 streak plates (white and black), glass scratch plate, magnifier, and magnet
  • Carrying case

See representative pictures of samples above.

Shipping included.

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