Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes, the Samples Only



These samples are designed to go with the study, Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes. It includes 12 rock-forming mineral samples, and over 20 extra-large rock samples (most are around 2-2.5 inches across.)  We do this with the younger kids in mind, as this is a great learning tool for them, and the samples fit their small hands so well!  Click on the images above to see the types of samples that are in this kit.  Samples are bagged, labeled, and color-coded.  

Shipping included.

Samples include:  quartz, amphibole, pyroxene, galena, calcium feldspar, biotite mica, magnetite (iron) olivine, galena, muscovite mica, potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar, jasper, calcite, gabbro, granite, granodiorite, pegmatite, basalt, rhyolite, obsidian, pumice, scoria, gneiss, phyllite, quartzite, slate, shale, sandstone, limestone (3 samples).

Samples may vary, due to availability. We will always do our best to find suitable substitutes.

Please note this this does not include the textbook.

To see the kit, which includes both the book and the samples, click here.

To order just the textbook, Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes, click here

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