Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes, Sample Lesson


Try a lesson from Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes!


This is our great rock and mineral study for your youngest ones, and now you can have a sample download of one of the lessons and activities with it. 

Read more about the book below. If you would like to purchase the samples, the book, or the complete kit, see the links at the bottom of the page.


Designed for PreK-3rd, this book guides your young child through the rock types, reinforcing the Biblical view of how they came to be.  Teaching our kids to study the rocks in light of what God has spoken, will give them a solid foundation for trusting God’s word in the future as they are challenged again and again. This study is designed to be done with a parent.

This study includes:

  • The Creation of the Earth                                                                     
  • The Flood                                                                                     
  • What is the Earth made of?                                                       
  • Minerals, Elements and the Crust of the Earth                           
  • Rocks Are Made of Minerals                                                               
  • What are the Differences Between the Rocks?                                     
  • The Types of Rocks – Plutonic                                                       
  • The Types of Rocks – Volcanic                                               
  • The Types of Rocks – Metamorphic                                           
  • The Types of Rocks – Sedimentary                                                                                             

This book has what we like to call, “the kitchen activities.” When they discuss viscosity and lava, they get to mess with molasses and chocolate syrup! They get to make sedimentary sandwiches and metamorphic cookies. And kids of all ages love these activities!

Kids are naturally drawn to rocks.  Let’s build off of that interest by telling them the whole story – not just the Sunday morning portion of it.

54 pages, 19 activities, soft bound, full color.

Shipping included.

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