Rock Poetry


Downloadable Poetry Study for grades 3-6.


Here’s a short poetry unit study for your rockhounding enthusiast! 

Your Rockhounding Poetry Mission is:

  • To discover the rhyme scheme pattern that each poem contains (Alternate Rhyme, Couple Rhyme, Simple Four-line Stanzas, and Free Verse).
  • Enjoy poetry about rocks and record your favorite verses. Poems are by Edna St. Vincent Millay, Hannah Flagg Gould, Hilda Conkling, William Bliss Carman, and Frank Dempster Sherman.
  • Use your amazing imagination to draw illustrations of the poems.
  • Climb to new heights as you add new words to your vocabulary.

For Grades 3-6. (Younger children can enjoy hearing the poetry read aloud and draw pictures relating to it.)

This project is a downloadable PDF. 


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