Our Homeschool Geology Guide and Journal



Here’s a great way to learn more about geology as you track your geology experiences and studies! 

New from Northwest Treasures, Our Homeschool Geology Guide and Journal has:


  • How to Teach Geology
  • Rock Tumbling Tips
  • 10 Tips for Homeschool Geology on a Budget
  • Tools of the Trade
  • Volcanic Rock Identification
  • 20 Geology Writing Prompts


  • From Public School to Homeschool
  • Somebody Always Knows More Than You

Information on two of our very popular Geology Experiences:

  • Columbia River Geology Camps
  • Yellowstone Creation Adventures

Space for:

  • Weekly 5-minute journaling
  • Monthly journaling of your rock-hounding experiences
  • Recording ideas and Inspiration

Product suggestions from Northwest Treasures for:

  • Activities and Games
  • Art-based projects
  • Family Adventures

This product is a downloadable PDF. 


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