New Zealand: Rocks and Minerals: The Stuff of the Earth Pack



This pack is designed for homeschoolers in New Zealand. The resources listed here are credit-rated for CENZ Certificates. 

Completion of this course is one credit at Level One.

Kit includes:

  • Genesis – Rock Solid. A Biblical View of Geology. This book has discussion questions at the end of the book.
  • One set of the 12 Rock-forming minerals.
  • Rocks and Minerals, The Stuff of the Earth  The book includes student questions for each chapter and a final test covering the whole book.
  • A Mohs hardness test kit (includes 2 scratch plates – white and black, glass scratch plate, magnifying glass and magnet)
  • A set of 9 Mohs hardness minerals
  • A set of 10 crystals illustrating the property of cleavage and crystal habit
  • A set of 9 minerals illustrating the mineral family classification system
  • A set of 8 rocks illustrating the 4 rock types

Approximate size of samples is 3/4″-1″.

You will need to provide a simple notebook to use as a lab book.

Shipping is included in the cost of this kit. Price is in USD.

You can order this here at the web site or contact us at: and ask for the Rocks and Minerals, The Stuff of the Earth pack.

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