New Zealand: Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men Pack


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This kit is for our friends in New Zealand. The resources listed here are credit-rated for CENZ Certificates. Shipping is included.

Completion of this course is one credit at Level One.

Kit includes:

  • Textbook 1: Genesis – Rock Solid. A Biblical View of Geology. (Click to read more about the book.)  (Student questions for each chapter and a final test covering the whole book will accompany the text when it arrives.)
  • 12 rock-forming minerals set
  • Textbook 2: Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men. (Click to read more about the book.)
  • 11 Invertebrate fossils (coral, brachiopod, pelecypod, trilobite, bryozoan, ammonite, gastropod, crinoid, foraminifera, insect fossil, and “graveyard” fossil)
  • 4 Vertebrate fossils
  • 3 Plant fossils 
  • 3 (actual) stone tools of ancient man

You will need to provide a simple notebook to use as a lab book.

Click above to add to cart, or write to and ask for the Fossils, Dinosaurs and Cave Men Pack.

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