Mining the Mines Set



If you love playing Minecraft®, then you will love this kit that we have made that includes many of the samples that are used in the game!  Even if you don’t play the game, this is a tremendous kit for somebody just interested in having some very nice samples related to mining. Grades 3-12.

The kit includes:

  • 21 large samples (average size about 1.5″)! 
  • An explanation for the various samples, as well as explanations of mining terms
  • A storage box, with plenty of space to store other samples you may want to add to your kit  

Samples include:

Granite, calcite, barite, galena, red granite, diorite, cobblestone, sandstone, obsidian, Netherrack (not a real stone, but it seems to be similar to pumice, which is fragile), coal, iron ore, (including hematite, magnetite, chalcopyrite, limonite, and banded iron), sphalerite (zinc ore), bornite (copper ore), emerald ore, lapis lazuli, and ore drilling core sample

All samples are individually bagged, labeled, and color-coded. Samples may vary due to availability.

Click on the pictures above to see representative samples. 

Includes shipping.

All prices are in US dollars.  For international shipping please contact us at or 425-488-6848.

Please note:  This kit is not made, created by, or endorsed by Minecraft®.  


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