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Minerals can be difficult to identify. In addition, many people cannot tell the difference between a rock and a mineral. Minerals come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. Even recognizing the same mineral that has a different color can be a challenge. Mineral Identification Made Easy by Patrick Nurre includes a basic introduction to, and instruction in, minerals. Focusing on some simple principles of identification should help you to sort out some of the conundrums, and make mineral collecting more enjoyable, especially for the lay person.  And of course, the Biblical perspective you have come to expect! This kit is designed for middle school through high school.

Please note: We do not put a time frame on this study. If you intend it for high school credit, please consult your state requirements.

Lessons in Mineral Identification Made Easy include:

  • What is a Mineral
  • What are Minerals Made of
  • The Rock-forming Minerals
  • What the Minerals Look Like in the Rocks
  • The Mineral Families 
  • The Feldspar Family of Minerals
  • Identifying Minerals
  • Building Your Mineral Collection
  • Working with Fluorescent Minerals
  • Gemstones 
  • Final Review

This kit is packed with samples that you would have to look long and hard for, but they are all right here!

There are over 60 samples in this kit, individually bagged and labeled. (Samples may vary slightly due to availability.)

Kit includes:

  • 12 rock-forming minerals including quartz, muscovite mica, potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar, calcium feldspar, biotite mica, amphibole (hornblende var.), pyroxene (augite var.), jasper, magnetite, calcite, and olivine
  • Nine Mohs minerals including talc, gypsum, calcite, fluorite, apatite, feldspar, quartz crystal, topaz and corundum
  • 10 minerals illustrating crystal habits including a beryl crystal, fluorite crystal, ruby crystal, calcite crystal, barite rosette, galena crystal, gypsum rosette, magnetite crystal, garnet crystal
  • Set of representative minerals for each of the mineral families: silicate family, native element, oxide family, carbonate family, halide family, sulfate family, sulfide family, phosphate family, borate family (9 minerals total)
  • The Mohs hardness test kit including instructions, hardness table, white and black streak plates, glass scratch plate, magnet and magnifying glass
  • 11 basic rock types illustrating their most common characteristic, including 2 plutonic rocks (granite and gabbro), 2 volcanic rocks (basalt and rhyolite), 2 pyroclastic rocks (pumice and tuff), 2 metamorphic rocks (gneiss and quartzite), and 3 sedimentary rocks (sandstone, limestone, and bituminous coal)
  • 10 gemstones (in the rough or polished): suggested gemstones – agate, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, iolite, lapis lazuli, green garnet, aquamarine, lace agate, amethyst
  • Carrying case

Includes shipping.

If you would like just the book, click here. If you would like just the samples, click here. 

Full color, 84 pages, 99 illustrations and photos. Printed in the USA.

Click on the image below to read an excerpt from the book:

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