Geology for Little Eyes Bundled Kit

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Parents love our “Little Eyes” curriculum series and kits that go with them.  And many have wanted to purchase three of the most popular of these.  So we have created a kit that bundles these three great studies, along with the rock, mineral, and fossil samples that all kids love, and at around a 30% savings for you!  We can do this because combining the kits together saves us time and materials, and we can pass that on to you!  This kit is perfect for PreK-3.

Geology for Little Eyes includes:

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Samples include:

  • Fossils:  mortality plate, dinosaur bone, mammoth tusk, glacial loess, permineralized wood, ichno fossil, cast and mold, carbonized fern in shale, fossil coral, fossil sponge, fossil sea urchin, fossil crinoid stem, bryozoan, trilobite, cephalopod, brachiopod, pelecypod, gastropod, ray fish stinger and tooth, shark tooth, fossil turtle shell, fossil fish, fossil mammal bone, fossil sea creature bone like plesiosaur
  • Minerals: amphibole, pyroxene, calcium feldspar, biotite mica, magnetite, olivine, muscovite mica, potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar, jasper, quartz, calcite, quartz crystal
  • Rocks:  pumice, gabbro, tuff, granite, basalt, rhyolite, gneiss, phyllite, slate, shale, sandstone, granodiorite, pegmatite, obsidian, serpentinite, vesicular basalt, quartzite, limestone (3 different samples), vesicular basalt, basalt porphyry, andesite, andesite porphyry, ‘A’a, pahoehoe

Samples listed and pictured above are representative of the sizes and types that you will receive in the kit. Samples may vary according to size and type according to availability. Please note that Fossils and Dinosaurs for Little Eyes – the Kit contains a small bag of “Fossils and non-fossils.” Geology for Little Eyes does not contain these items.

Includes shipping.

If you would like to order the kits individually, click below:

Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes

Volcanoes for Little Eyes

Fossils and Dinosaurs for Little Eyes

Printed in the USA.

All prices are in US dollars.  For international shipping please contact us at .

2 reviews for Geology for Little Eyes Bundled Kit

  1. Nurre

    The little eyes series books and specimens are all absolutely wonderful, and exceeded my expectations! The books look wonderfully written. The fossils and rocks are stunning and a marvelous piece of Biblical history. As we opened the set, there were lots of ooohs and ahhhs! Everyone was very excited and overwhelmed with joy! This is truly a wonderful set for both children and their rock loving parents. Thank you so much for putting it all together. I am now very excited to start this geology study with my children. Jennifer B.

  2. Nurre

    I just wanted to tell you that we just finished the “Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes” Geology book. My kids loved it! The hands on activities were perfect! Of course they always hoped it was something edible and were not disappointed! AC

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