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Geology for Kids by Rockman Pat, Patrick Nurre, is for grades 4-8, and is designed to introduce them to some of the basic ideas in studying geology, from rock types, to volcanoes to dinosaurs and fossils. 

Written from a Young Earth, Global Flood perspective, the textbook includes:

  • 22 lessons
  • Where the rocks came from
  • Minerals and Rock Types
  • History of Geology and Earth Science
  • The Global Flood
  • Fossils
  • Dinosaurs
  • Ocean geology
  • Over 250 color illustrations and pictures, and photographs
  • Activities
  • 144 pages

This kit also includes:

  • Geology Journal (see below)
  • Our signature large samples – 60 rock, mineral and fossil samples (click on  pictures above to see representative samples)  Most samples are 1.5 inches or larger.  All samples are individually bagged, labeled, and color-coded. Samples will be similar to those listed below. Sometimes we are out of stock of a particular sample, but we will always supply you with something of a comparable type.
  • Rock-forming minerals: quartz, potassium feldspar, muscovite mica, sodium feldspar, jasper, calcite, calcium feldspar, pyroxene, amphibole, magnetite, biotite mica, olivine
  • Rock samples: granite, gabbro, basalt, rhyolite, ash, tuff, volcanic bomb, cinders, gneiss, schist, quartzite, marble, shale, chert, siltstone, sandstone, conglomerate, breccia, limestone, halite, travertine, fossil limestone, chalk, bituminous coal
  • Fossils: graveyard fossil, fern, clam, coral, marine reptile fossil, agatized wood, fossil cast/mold, worm tubes, gastrolith, gastropod, sea urchin, ammonite, trilobite, dinosaur bone, fossil mammal bone, leaf fossil, fossil algae, marine fossil from high in the mountains, otodus shark tooth, megalodon tooth, crinoid fossil, dugong bone, fossil fish, fossil fish vertebra
  • Oceanic specimens: kimberlite, diabase, peridotite, modern coral and sea shells, white sand, green sand, black sand, magnetic sand
  • Carrying case

Samples may vary with each kit, due to availability. We will always do our best to find suitable substitutes.

Want to read a chapter from Geology for Kids or from the Geology Journal?  Click on the images below.

Watch a short video about Geology for Kids here.

Shipping included. 

Click here to order just the textbook, Geology for Kids.  

Click here to order just the journal, Geology for Kids, Geology Journal.  

Click here to order just the samples for the Geology for Kids study.  This is a fabulous collection, and is the best value we have for this size and quality of collection.

In order to expand this kit for younger ages, many parents like to add on any of these books:

  • Rocks and Minerals for Little Eyes textbook
  • Fossils and Dinosaurs for Little Eyes textbook
  • Volcanoes for Little Eyes textbook

Printed in the USA.

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2 reviews for Geology for Kids – the Kit

  1. Melissa

    I want to rate 5 stars but for some reason the site only lets me select 4
    Stars… Just received the Geology for Kids rock kit today. We ordered the kit with the books for 8th grade next year, plus I ordered Bedrock Geology and Genesis Rock Solid for my high schoolers. The kit shipped separately. This kit is so gneiss! (See what I did there?) I am impressed with the quality, large samples and I can’t wait to get the books too. The box for the kit is larger than I expected and is high quality cardboard and will last. Each rock in labeled and rocks are in thick plastic ziplock bags with a label for each type of rock sample in that bag.

  2. Sarah

    I completed this kit with my children, ranging in age from 3 to 13, and we loved it! It was a wonderful introduction to Biblical geology and brings to life the truth of the historical account of Genesis. My children loved all of the rock samples and can still identify various rock types and formations, several years later. They still use the rock and fossil samples to set up their own museums! As an engineering graduate, myself, educated in Darwinian geology, this curriculum was a tremendous blessing to me, as I cherished learning the truth about geological history, with my children. Along with several of Nurre’s resources, I have been able to discern the lies of evolutionary geology that I had been taught, as they oppose both the Scriptures and global geological evidence.

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