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Get some great samples to go with our Geology for Kids Online Class! Shipping in US is included.


We have put together a very special economical samples kit for our Geology for Kids Online Class.  These samples are not necessary to do the class. But we have found that kids love getting their hands on the real geological specimens!

There are 21 samples in this selection. You will receive a combination of minerals, rocks, and fossils. And they are all individually bagged and labeled.

The samples include: quartz, potassium feldspar, calcite, gabbro, granite, basalt, rhyolite,  pumice, ash, tuff, obsidian, gneiss, schist, quartzite, shale, fossil limestone, travertine, coal, plant fossil, invertebrate fossil, and a vertebrate fossil. 

Even though this set is designed to keep your costs down, these samples are the same standard size that we put in all our kits.

If you would an even greater selection of samples, we would suggest that you look at the samples that are designed for our Geology for Kids Kit. You can see those samples by clicking here.

Samples pictures are representative only. If we are out of a particular sample, we will substitute something of equal or greater value.

Shipping is included.

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