Geology and the State of Kansas for Charter Schools



For our friends in the Sunflower State – Geology and the State of Kansas! It’s time to get out and explore!

This kit includes:

  • Roadside Kansas, A Traveler’s Guide to its Geology and Landmarks 
  • Over 20 outstanding rock, fossil and mineral samples that characterize the geology of Kansas This includes samples like: selenite, limestone with fossil fusilinids, coal, dolomite, concretion, Sioux quartzite, invertebrate fossils, calcite, halite, chalk, fossil mammal bone, chert, limestone, fish vertebra, shale, sandstone, glacial loess, hadrosaur bone, allosaur bone, cone-in-cone gypsum formation (samples may vary with availability)
  • Carrying case

Shipping included.

We may have to substitute a different book for the title listed above, according to availability. But it will cover similar material.

All prices are in US dollars.  For international shipping please contact us at or 206-718-1835.


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