Geology and the Hawaiian Islands, samples only



So maybe you only need the samples for this study? You can get them right here! If you want to purchase the complete kit, click here. If you want to order just the book, click here.

Samples include:

  • 12 rock-forming minerals: Muscovite Mica,  Quartz,  Potassium Feldspar,  Calcite,  Jasper, Sodium Feldspar, Biotite Mica,  Pyroxene,  Amphibole,  Calcium Feldspar, Olivine, Magnetite
  • Over 25 rock samples: Basalt,  Rhyolite, Andesite,  Dacite,  Tuff,  Ash, Cinders,  Pahoehoe, ‘A’a,  Scoria, Vitrophyre, Obsidian, Perlite, Basalt with Peridot,  Green Sand, Black Sand, Magnetic Sand, Iron, Gabbro, Granite,  Gneiss, Quartzite, Sandstone, Limestone, Bituminous Coal, Chert, Diatomaceous Earth (shale form), Limonite Iron Oxide, Sulfur

Shipping included.

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