Geology and Our National Parks, samples only



Are you looking for just the samples to the Geology and Our National Parks Kit?  This is where you can get those! If you would like to purchase the complete kit, click here. If you would like to purchase just the book, click here.

Samples include:

  • 19 rock and fossil samples from the various areas studied, individually bagged and labeled; samples may vary with each kit, but will include samples like the following (see picture above): fossil fish, pumice, petrified wood, tuff, fault gouge, concretion, andesite, pahoehoe basalt, fossil turtle shell, glacial loess, limestone, granite, disarticulated dinosaur bone, sandstone, metamorphic rock, conglomerate, rhyolite, A’a’ basalt, gneiss.
  • 12 rock forming minerals: quartz, amphibole, pyroxene, calcium feldspar, biotite mica, magnetite (iron), olivine, muscovite mica, potassium feldspar, sodium feldspar, jasper, calcite (pictured above)

Shipping included.

Note: all samples were collected legally, outside of the national parks.

Price is in US dollars.  For pricing and shipping for areas outside of the US, please contact us at


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