Geology and Fluorescence for Charter Schools



This kit is a longtime favorite!  Fluorescence is surely a favorite subject of mine when it comes to studying rocks and minerals.  There’s nothing like seeing your rocks and minerals under ultraviolet light in the dark.  You can take these lights out back of your house at night and look for fluorescent rocks and minerals – even in the driveway of your home.  This kit also makes an excellent traveling companion on those long trips.  Grades 3-12.

Here is what’s included in this great kit:

  • A high quality combination shortwave/longwave fluorescent lamp
  • 15 shortwave/longwave specimens (approximately 1-1.5 inches) that will give you great “oos” and “ahhs”
  • The World of Fluorescence by Stuart Schneider (book may vary according to availability)
  • Fluorescent activities
  • 4 AA batteries
  • case

This kit is identical to our Geology and Fluorescence Kit, except that all religious instruction has been removed.

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